Thugs threaten young pregnant woman, with words beyond Evil, Why, what is going wrong with our Youth?

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Killeagh residents distressed after pregnant woman threatened by young men

The men also intimidated children

Killeagh (Image: Google Street View)

There have been calls for an emergency meeting of Killeagh residents following reports of serious anti-social behaviour in the area.

A post on the Killeagh Inch Community Council Facebook page has highlighted some concerning incidents in the East Cork village recently.

The post, sent in by a distressed parent, discusses the threatening behaviour by young men in Killeagh on Friday night.

According to the social media post, two men were taken away from the village playground by Gardai while another two were removed by ambulance after abusing several passersby.

One pregnant woman reported that she was told by one man that “they would cut the baby out of her.”

Another resident claimed that the men attempted to scare young children with their dogs and also threw empty bottles at young women who were exercising in the area.

“This is not where I want to raise my child,” the parent added after suggesting that residents should get together in an attempt to put a stop to the anti-social activity in the area.

No arrests were made by Gardai.

Fred says – a small Cork village, a heavy helpless pregnant woman, approached by a gang of despicable Thugs who used the words “We will cut the Baby out of you”.  I repeat a Cork village.  What has gone wrong with our young people.  We cannot blame it all on drugs.  Parents have to take responsibility also and be accountable for the children they bring into this World.  In this case, Thugs – who would say that to a pregnant woman.  Fred

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