Special Garda Corruption Unit raid Garda station for the second time. What are they really looking for?

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Saturday 5 October 2019,

Garda station searched as part of long-running corruption investigation

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The station was searched as part of an expanding operation into feared links between a criminal gang and several gardaí, including a senior officer.

Yesterday’s searches are part of a long-running investigation into corruption that last May resulted in the arrest of three serving officers.

The unprecedented investigation led to the arrests and suspensions of a Garda superintendent, inspector and an experienced detective.

All are based in the south.

It is understood the searches yesterday were focused on any contacts between the officers at the centre of the investigation and other gardaí.

One line of inquiry is whether pressure was exerted on other gardaí not to log specific matters including penalty-points offences under the Road Traffic Act.

Once penalty-point incidents are logged on the Garda computer system, they are now virtually impossible to void without specific reasons being given.

However, the investigation is focused on whether some senior gardaí may have asked fellow officers not to log specific RTA incidents involving named individuals – thereby bypassing the new control mechanism. The individuals who allegedly benefited were associated with a feared crime gang.

Last July, a leading sports figure was the latest suspect to be arrested in a long-running probe into Garda corruption.

A source told the Irish Independent that the man arrested is believed to be “the link man” at the centre of the entire investigation. A garda, one of three members of the force arrested for questioning last May, was also suspected of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

The garda is currently suspended from duty by Commissioner Drew Harris.

He has been arrested twice as part of the investigation being carried out by detectives from the NBCI into alleged wrongdoing or corruption involving gardaí in the southern region.

The corruption probe, which has been ongoing for the past year, has included covert surveillance and examination of phone records.

It also focused on the suspected leaking of information by gardaí to members of a major organised crime gang.

This included information about a planned search and seize operation by the CAB, targeting members of the gang and other criminal associates with loose connections to the crime network based in the south.

Fred concludes:  Drew Harris you have to say is trying to hunt down the Rogue Cops who allegedly are giving vital information to criminal sources from the Pulse and now it seems from other records within the Munster Garda station.  This investigation we all know is going on for at least twelve months.  Can you imagine undercover cops following their own; tapping their phones; it is like something from the Cold War KGB CIA and MI5.  Drew would know about MI5 and I will be writing soon on the documentary No Stone Unturned and the collusion between the Loyalist Murder Gangs and the RUC and the families still waiting for Justice.  To be continued:  Fred

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