This is a must read by Ciaran Goggins, this man does the research deep, keep writing, Fred.

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Jacqui Hames, Operation Kenova and Operation Vicente.

by Ciaran Goggins

I awoke in the middle years of my life – to find Jacqui Hames giving it large on Radio 4 this morning. She complained about being a target of “Southern Investigations” but omitted that her ex husband, Det Ch Supt Dave Cook, was trying to frame three innocent men over the Daniel Morgan murder. Moreover, the fact that Cook was a corrupt copper meant that he was legitimately under surveillance. Elements of the miscarriage of justice surrounding the Kim James case could make headlines soon.

Jacqui wants a second Leveson, which would be of interest to Ian Hurst, except all judges and commentators in Britain (except Peter Jukes) now tacitly admit that Hurst is, at best, a liar and fantasist. Bolton resident Hurst was close to Peter Keeley (Kevin Fulton) now a focal point of “Operation Kenova”. Keeley is unhappy at the deal MI5 cut him, he is in London, running a photography business. Stakeknife, much? Plod need to bear in line how much damage leaks can cause, or they could start arresting Cook and his minions and stop quibbling about compensation.

The other news is that Esther Baker is under scrutiny for her part in launching “Operation Vicente”, a lurid claim that Lord Brittan was engaged in all manner of evil doings. The fall out will be huge and quite damaging.


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