How was this allowed to happen? People should not be subjected to live in Fear.

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Vicious sex fiend delivering McDonalds in Carlow town where traumatised victim still lives after landing job with Uber Eats after prison release.

A VICIOUS sex fiend landed a job as a McDonald’s delivery man in the town where his traumatised victim still lives.

Evil Colvin Keogh, 26, failed to mention his conviction, for savagely beating and sexually assaulting Marta Kowalczyk, 32, in a random street attack in 2012, when he applied for the gig delivering fast food.

 Convicted sex beast Colvin Keogh

Convicted sex beast Colvin KeoghCredit: Garrett White –

 Keogh was convicted for beating and sexually             assaulting Marta Kowalczyk in 2012

Keogh was convicted for beating and sexually assaulting Marta Kowalczyk in 2012

 Marta and her partner Gerald

Marta and her partner Gerald

 Colvin failed to mention his conviction when he             applied for a job with Uber Eats

Colvin failed to mention his conviction when he applied for a job with Uber Eats

The Irish Sun on Sunday can reveal how the brute has been rocking up to horrified households in Carlow with Big Macs after he was recently released from jail.

Keogh — who left Marta blind in her right eye in the horror attack — was employed by Uber Eats, who provide McDonald’s McDelivery service.

And we have also learned it was only when locals raised the alarm about the sex beast courier that he got the boot.

Marta’s fiance Gerald Jennings last night told us the couple were stunned to learn of Keogh’s delivery job.

Gerald said: “We can’t believe someone like him was allowed to deliver food to people’s homes.

“He is sick in the head.

“We got flyers through the door saying you could get McDonald’s delivered. I thought it was great. I actually said to Marta, ‘We can get McDonald’s delivered now’. Could you imagine her face if he had delivered to our house? How that would make her feel?

“We’re shocked by it all. What sort of background checks were done on him?”


Twisted Keogh brutally attacked and sexually assaulted beautician Marta just yards from her front door in Carlow town on December 2, 2012.

The predator was later caged for seven years in 2014. Initially gardai wrongfully arrested Gerald, who was this year awarded more than €1.1million in damages for his ordeal.

We can reveal Keogh secured a delivery job with Uber Eats in his native Carlow after he was released from prison in June.

Outraged locals complained to McDonald’s management after he started doing food runs in the area, with one resident even putting out an alert on social media to raise the alarm.

The message said: “I don’t mean to alarm anyone but just want to make people aware and alert that tonight I got a delivery from McDonald’s and it was delivered to my door by a well-known convicted sex attacker from Carlow. A sex attacker delivers for McDonald’s. How this person got that job, I don’t know.

“He’s employed by Uber Eats not McDonald’s. I rang McDonald’s and they were shocked that this could happen. Hopefully they do something about it.”


When asked to comment on Keogh’s delivery job, an Uber spokeswoman told the Irish Sun on Sunday: “The safety of our customers is our top priority.

“What has been described is unacceptable and, in these situations, we instantly remove a courier’s access to the app.

“We are working hard to make sure that incidents like this do not happen again.”

A McDonald’s spokesperson told us the matter “relates to an Uber Eats rider. It’s been brought to the attention of Uber Eats”.

While Uber Eats has now moved to remove Keogh from courier duties, furious Carlow residents demanded to know how the fiend managed to get the gig in the first place.

One told the Irish Sun on Sunday: “This would make you question what — if any — background checks online food delivery providers do.

“Imagine having been this guy’s victim and opening the door to him, this type of employment would be high risk for a convicted sex attacker given many customers would be women and teenagers home alone. Colvin Keogh is only out of jail, this is shocking.”

Depraved Keogh, of The Paddocks, Carlow, was caged for seven years for assault causing serious harm and sexual assault.

The animal jumped on Marta on the street near her apartment in Centaur Street, with the beating leaving her blind in her right eye. Judge Raymond Fullam described the attack as “shocking and horrific in its viciousness”.


Carlow Circuit Court heard Keogh repeatedly kicked and punched the woman before pulling off her trousers and underwear and that he intended “to have sex with her, but couldn’t”.

Keogh told gardai: “I just wanted to kick her and hurt her. Something came over me.” He added in another interview: “When I snapped, I couldn’t stop.”

Judge Fullam was told that Keogh didn’t know his victim and that he’d randomly spotted her in the early hours on Potato Market, Carlow. The court was also told that he followed his victim through Carlow town centre before attacking her outside the apartment block.

Marta says the attack ruined her life, declaring: “I feel like a part of me has died.

“There are moments of panic so intense that it feels like I can’t even breathe. There’s nowhere I feel safe.

“All my life changed because of that random vicious attack. I have met evil.”


In July, former Carlow footballer Gerald was awarded more than €1.1million in damages after being pepper-sprayed and called a scumbag when cops falsely accused him of beating his fiancee Marta. But the December 2012 attack was in fact carried out by Keogh who was later caged for assault causing serious harm and sexual assault.

Property manager Gerald, 34, sued the Garda Commissioner and the State after he was wrongfully arrested on the same night Marta was savagely beaten in the random attack.

Throughout the case, the State denied the claims and said reasonable force was used to detain Gerald, who had resisted arrest.

But following the 11-day case, a jury found the actions of gardai were not reasonably necessary for the purpose of effecting a lawful arrest of Gerald in good faith for the offences of breach of the peace and being drunk and disorderly.

They also found his detention was unlawful. The jury assessed general damages at €819,550 and exemplary damages at €333,000 — a total of €1,152,550. He was also awarded costs.

Gerald told us there should now be an independent investigation into the case to ensure no-one else suffers at the hands of cops like him.

He said: “I’ll never have the innocence I had six-and-a-half years ago. You know it’s something that does bother me that I will never be the same happy-go-lucky person that I was.

“I wouldn’t wish this on any civilian in Ireland, under any circumstances. It shouldn’t happen, full stop.”

The dad-of-one, who says he has been “overwhelmed” by support from locals since the court victory, is also calling for more “robust” regulation of the Gardai.

Gerald said he and his fiancée were left “traumatised” by the treatment and said Marta suffered a “second nightmare” when gardai refused to believe he wasn’t the perpetrator.

 Colvin Keogh was delivering McDonald's in the same town         his victim lived

This couple have suffered so much.  Now the Evil Convicted Bastard is back in town. This time doing deliveries, where he can know vulnerable women living alone,Why? Marta is reliving her nightmare – what is wrong in this country?  Keogh should be told get out, but he has Rights, Marta and her partner Gerald, should have Priority over this Evil Bastard, enough said.  Fred

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