Latest News: One of the biggest Scandals. The CAB (Criminal Assets Bureau) have discovered Dublin City Council paying Protection Money to Gangland, Why? How Much is paid to date? Who authorised this betrayal of the people?

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Flanagan ‘greatly disturbed’ over reports of protection money paid by builders

Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan has said he is “greatly disturbed” at reports that officials from Dublin City Council were aware and recommended that protection money be paid to two criminals so council houses could be built in west Dublin.Speaking at the post Budget press briefing, he acknowledged the role of the Criminal Assets Bureau saying this was another success on their part.He said there are court proceedings under way and he is restricted on what he can say in relation to the case.

Yesterday the High Court heard that officials from Dublin City Council were aware and recommended that protection money be paid to two violent criminals so that council houses could be built in west Dublin in 2016 and 2017.

The court heard that three building firms working for the city council paid between €1,200 and €1,500 a week to Derek ‘Dee Dee’ O’Driscoll from Croftwood Grove and “his enforcer” David Reilly from nearby Croftwood Park to prevent the sites and construction staff from being attacked.

Over €250,000 in the men’s bank accounts has been declared the proceeds of crime and confiscated by the Criminal Assets Bureau, along with a mobile home and a horsebox.

A CAB officer told the court that council officials told the builders that the two men were “providing security” and “making sure there were no problems” at the sites.

Dublin City Council said it is investigating the matter.

Mr Flanagan said today: “I am greatly disturbed at reports that the county council have been in some way complicit in arrangements which would appear to be totally unacceptable.

“I look forward to receiving further reports on this issue and I trust that if there are any criminal investigations that they would continue apace for and on behalf of the Garda Síochána and other agencies involved.”

Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy has said he “cannot condone” the idea of protection payments to criminal figures to allow construction.

He said he was been assured by Dublin City Council that they are investing the claims.

“If these claims are accurate I cannot condone this activity”, he said.

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris, speaking at the launch of the Garda Síochána diversity and integration strategy this morning, said the investigations are ongoing and there may be more to emerge around this specific incident.

He said he did not want to say anymore because of the ongoing investigations by gardaí and Dublin City Council.

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Fred is completely baffled.  Flanagan is “disturbed”.  When did he find out about this scandal?  When did Fianna Fail get the phone call about this?  Would Micheal Martin come out now, before they pass this Budget and realise it is time to pull the plug?  Gangland, we know too well are the cause of hundreds of deaths; Drugs; Turf Wars; and so much deviant criminal actions.  I am just mulling this over in my mind, I am not saying that it is a fact at all, I am just thinking could this money that criminals are receiving be used to buy drugs overseas which are then brought back into Ireland.  This technically would mean that the Government at some level are aware that taxpayers money is supplying Dublin and the towns across Ireland with drugs.  I will know more when my sources give me the facts.  But tonight I repeat my question:  When did Flanagan learn of this dark period of monies being handed over to gangsters in West Dublin to build houses in one of the biggest homelessness crises in the history of this State?  I ask now for Eoghan Murphy to come out, not give us the weather forecast but to give us the forecast on the TRUTH about this latest scandal that the State could be threatened by Thugs.  This is embarrassing and don’t think the English papers are not looking on tonight, before BREXIT NO DEAL.  As I asked before, in previous articles, who is winning the WAR in relation to Gangland and Drugs.  Sadly part of my question was answered tonight.  We need to now know how many building schemes (Local Authority and private) are affected by this form of protectionism.  To be continued urgently? 

Reporting from court yesterday:  Article by Conor Feehan


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