How can Byrne stay on as a Minister in this latest GUBU, Scandal. She should go now, along with Prada Murphy. Sadly it will not happen. Crime pays in Ireland,

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Junior minister knew of ‘protection money’ payments. This is Disgusting, and FF and Jim O Callaghan are gone to ground again. Why?

Junior minister knew of 'protection money'                 payments

Junior minister for drugs Catherine Byrne admitted she knew of the payments.

A Government minister was told Dublin City Council officials were paying “protection money” to criminals three years ago, but failed to tell the senior minister in her department.

Junior minister for drugs Catherine Byrne admitted the situation as Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy insisted he knew nothing of the situation until media reports this morning.


On Tuesday, the High Court heard Dublin City Council officials were aware and recommended protection money be paid to two criminals so that social housing could be built in west Dublin in 2016 and 2017.

Three firms, who were developing the homes for the council, were paying between €1,200 and €1,500 a week. While no money was paid directly by the council to the criminals, the firms were reimbursed by the council.

Speaking to the Irish Examiner, Sinn Féin TD Aengus Ó Snodaigh said after becoming aware of the concerns he wrote to Ms Byrne, Dublin City Council, and the Garda Superintendent in Clondalkin, west Dublin, on December 24, 2016.

However, despite Ms Byrne speaking with him about the situation in early January 2017, he was not told of any actions taking place to address the revelations.

Asked about the claims at a post-budget health briefing at Government Buildings yesterday, Ms Byrne confirmed she received the letter from Mr Ó Snodaigh, which has been seen by the Irish Examiner.

However, despite saying she contacted the gardaí and left the matter with them, Ms Byrne failed to say if she told her department’s senior minister, Eoghan Murphy — who was appointed in summer 2017 — of the situation at any point.

Similarly, foreign affairs minister Simon Coveney — who was housing minister until June 2017 — and current junior minister for local government Damien English both said they only learned of the issue today.

“I did know about the incident. I received an email into my office on Christmas Eve, I didn’t see the email until December 29,” Ms Byrne said when asked.

“I had a rung Dublin City Council after I saw the incident happened, and I was talking to officials in the local area office who told me there had been an incident where there was intimidation, a JCB was burned out, and the man who was driving it had been injured.

They assured me everything was fine and the council was dealing with it and the guards were involved.

“After that I looked at the letter, I was very concerned about what was in it, but I also saw that in the letter it said the guards were informed, and really at that stage my job was finished because it was a matter for An Garda Síochána,” she said.

Asked at a separate post-budget briefing ,Mr Murphy said he was unaware of the issue until media reports, adding: “I cannot condone this.”

Mr Ó Snodaigh said if any minister failed to act on the serious concerns that were raised, then their position must be called into question.

Justice minister Charlie Flanagan said he is “greatly disturbed” at what has happened and confirmed he is seeking “further reports” on the situation.

Fred wants to say, how did it take a half a million euros later, and almost 4 years for the Government  to get hold of the Protection Racket.  In other countries, Government ministers have gone to prison for withholding information and other matters.  I am just surmising if we ever received the full facts on this case; they would make both interesting but sinister reading.  The trouble is we will never get the full facts on this case.  This is a National Scandal and yet it is being treated by certain elements in the media who are definitely in the pockets of the FG Government, as if it is just a blur that someone drove through traffic lights and it won’t happen again.  This is extortion, this is threatening people to get money; this is the State APPROVING AND YOU COULD EVEN GO AS FAR AS SAYING, ENCOURAGING THE PAYMENTS SO THAT THE BUILDER AND THE SITE COULD CONTINUE.  WHAT TYPE OF GOVERNMENT DO WE HAVE?  It is so unbelievable that in the middle of a Gangland War, where over 30 people have been murdered, in the last 5 years, between the Hutch-Kinahan Feud and other Feuds and the Government calling press conferences stating they will clampdown on all Gangland Criminality while behind the scenes they are paying the same Gangland Protection Money.  As one man summed it up:  The Government should be in dock in the Special Criminal Court because this latest Scandal goes against democracy, the Rule of Law, Justice and a Government who swear an Oath to protect and serve the citizens of our country especially those who voted them into power.  What do we have now?  In my opinion, a sense of a National Betrayal.  Again I ask how many more sites across Ireland are paying protection money; how many nightclubs are paying protection money; how many brothels are paying protection money even to people in uniform; I could go on all day asking how many but sadly this is Ireland in the year 2019 where now it seems on the surface that crime does pay and criminality is almost legal because if you read the above you are left very confused and let down.   Fred

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