Cold blooded Murder, a Homeless man, and the Goverment knew of Protection monies paid to Gangland, to build houses.

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News  Ireland the streets and parks of vulnerable people living in tents and hedges, while our Politicans do nothing?

Monday 14 October 2019

Murder probe after homeless chef found beaten to death near his tent

The burned tent close to where his body was                       found. Photo: Daragh Mc Sweeney/Provision 2
The burned tent close to where his body was found. Photo: Daragh Mc Sweeney/Provision


A homeless man who was savagely beaten to death was a talented chef who had battled alcohol addiction without losing his sense of humour or his spirit.

Timothy (Timmy) Hourihane (53), from Bantry, was murdered in a park in Cork city where he had been living for some time in a tent. Mr Hourihane was found in an unconscious state by members of Cork Fire Brigade.

Other homeless people had raised the alarm after a tent caught fire at Mardyke Walk near University College Cork at 12.45am yesterday.

The tent owned by Mr Hourihane was pitched on grass across the road from the Western Road entrance to the college. Members of the fire brigade found him a short distance away.

He had been assaulted and sustained serious injuries to his head and body. He was rushed to Cork University Hospital but later died.

Gardaí have launched a murder investigation and appealed for any witnesses to come forward. Superintendent Michael Comyns of Anglesea Street garda station said Mr Hourihane had injuries consistent with an assault, and not with being in a fire.

Talented: Timothy Hourihane worked in                         prestigious restaurants in Britain. Photo:                         Provision 2 2
Talented: Timothy Hourihane worked in prestigious restaurants in Britain. Photo: Provision

In an interview with the ‘Irish Times’ on Christmas Day in 2017, Mr Hourihane said it was his best festive season in many a year.

He was among the diners at Penny Dinners, which provides meals to homeless people in Cork city. He said he was grateful to sit alongside his fellow homeless people for a special meal provided by the River Lee Hotel in the city.

Mr Hourihane spoke movingly of his addiction to alcohol. He said he had battled through periods of sobriety only to see his life derailed by relapses.

“I stayed off alcohol for a year and a quarter and I was proud of that. At least I am trying. I was on the Simon floor last evening but we were out at seven this morning.

“I went to Mass this morning at the church down the road at half eight. I went to the Polish Mass last night. There was a beautiful woman who prayed for me. It was fantastic.

“This is relaxing and I feel safe. This is my happiest day for a long time. Because I went to the church. I came here. People are lovely.”

Mr Hourihane, who had worked in prestigious restaurants in Britain and served celebrities such as Elton John and Lionel Richie, spoke of going around in “circles forever” looking for accommodation.

He mentioned his sense of loss following the death of homeless woman Kathleen O’Sullivan (43) on the streets earlier that month and said: “Homelessness is out of control.

“When you sleep on the streets you are lucky to wake up with your trainers still on. It has happened to me where I have woken up with one trainer missing.

“You have to laugh cos you think why didn’t they take the two?”

Mr Hourihane was unstinting in his praise for Caitriona Twomey who runs Penny Dinners, saying she had “the most beautiful heart in Cork city”.

Ms Twomey said yesterday she was deeply saddened by the death of Mr Hourihane.

She said this was a warning to the Government they need to do more to tackle the crisis.

“We need to sort it now. We need more treatment centres. We need more housing,” she said.

With decades of ‘respectable’ lawbreaking on the record, why be so shocked by the latest episode, asks Gene Kerrigan

Fred bedazzled:  The image above says it all.  We are a corrupt, toxic, little country where a Government have no drive or motivation to tackle one of the biggest scandals of our State’s history – Homelessness.  Now our homeless people are being tortured and beaten to death in Cork, only 48 hours ago.  A man in his fifties who came on hard times and was once a chef and family man.  Some Thugs came took his life as if he was a nobody and burned his tent.  The woman in Penny Dinners summed it up by saying and she is right: “The Government don’t care about our homeless people.  This was a cold blooded Murder and yet RTE barely gave it a mention.  They prefer to give us the story of Rachel Allen and her Posh Son and the stress she is going through.  He has pleaded guilty to importing drugs into Ireland and he is awaiting sentence next month, November 8th. 

People from England, America and Ireland in the last few days have contacted this blog and asked why does the Minister for Justice, Charlie Flanagan, hold a press conference at Coolock Garda station with fly by night Catherine Noone and tell the Nation that they will continue the fight against Gangland and drugs until it is over.  This means until they win.  But behind the scenes agencies of the same Government PAY PROTECTION MONEY TO THE SAME THUGS IN ORDER TO BE ALLOWED BUILD HOUSES FOR HOMELESS PEOPLE WITHOUT THREATS AND INTIMIDATION.  WE ARE NOT SHOCKED ABOUT THIS.  This is going to be covered up because if Prada Murphy is leading the investigation; it ends there.  My question is:  Where is FF in all of this because the people of Ballyfermot and Bluebell have been betrayed by the politicians who take an Oath to serve and protect.  Drew Harris said he will be making a thorough investigation on this latest national scandal. 

I suggest he start with asking Catherine Byrne some questions and Supt. of Clondalkin Garda Station.  We can only wait now to see what councillors arranged the bank transfers and I ask now that all developers in Ireland who are being forced to pay protection money to come out now and expose the Thugs that are behind it because the dogs in the street are aware there are many more sites out there paying out large sums of money for Protection who we are not yet aware of.  I hope this matter will not be covered up.  To be continued:  Fred


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