Robbed at Gunpoint, in broad daylight on a busy Dublin Street. Guns are everywhere, people live in Fear,

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Watch moment tourists threatened and robbed at gunpoint near Guinness Storehouse, Dublin

RTE: Tourists robbed at gunpoint in Dublin


Two men allegedly armed with a weapon robbed tourists at gunpoint in broad daylight in a frightening video taken in Dublin.

It’s understood the shocking incident happened on Monday evening at 6pm at Long’s Place near the Guinness Storehouse.

The footage shows two young males approaching a woman on the street with one of the males dressed in blue holding what appears to be a gun, Dublin Live reports.

The clip then shows the man with the blue hoodie pointing the alleged weapon at a second person, a man wearing a light blue jacket.

Both the man and the woman can then be seen holding each other as the alleged gunman points in their direction.

Tourists robbed at gunpoint near Guinness Storehouse in Dublin (Image: RTE)

The pair are then backed up against a wall by the man before the video ends with the man and woman comforting each other after the two men flee the scene.

A spokesman for Gardai confirmed that they are investigating the matter.

He added: “Two males armed with what is believed to be a gun, allegedly stole a phone from a pedestrian. No injuries were reported. No arrests have been made and investigations are ongoing.”

Fred concludes, shocking to see this, lucky nobody got injured, Dublin city is not a safe place, these Tourists will leave Ireland with a Nightmare they never will forget,sadly, Fred


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