This is a shocking video, who really is winning the War on Drugs?

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Frightening video shows man beating Irish youth for snitching to gardai following arrest

The gruesome video shows the masked men assaulting their victim with a wrench

Footage shows thugs beating youngster for snitching to Gardai in Dublin
Footage shows thugs beating youngster for snitching to Gardai in Dublin
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Thugs beat youngster for allegedly snitching to gardai

Shocking footage has emerged of masked thugs beating an Irish youth for allegedly snitching on one of them to Gardai.

The video shows a masked man filming his victim while he accuses the youngster of being a “rat” claiming he made a “fake statement” to Gardai about drugs found during an arrest.

The young man is seen stripped to his underwear in the video with a large bloody gash on his face as the attackers give more blows to the victim.

His attackers claim in the video that they inflicted the large cut – which they call a “stripe” – due to his alleged statement.

The horrific footage shows a bloodied wrench which one man is seen using to strike the victim on the head as loud music plays in the background.

The youth is seen cowering in fear as the attackers continue their beating
The footage gives a close up shot of a wrench the thugs used during the assault on the youngster

The scared youngster holds a jumper to his chest as he cowers in the corner while his attackers accuse him of being the “lowest of the low” who “owes €2,000” for his actions.

The man who filmed the video is heard saying: “You went up and made a fake statement about me saying that half them drugs were fucking mine that you got caught with.

“And got released without a charge?

“Clarify this, what happened? You were arrested with me and who had drugs on them?”

The youngster replied: “Me.”

The thugs then accuse their victim of ‘ratting on his best friends’.

The masked thug said: “You ratted on your best mates who looked after you. Did I charge you rent here? Did I charge you for food? Did you pay a penny back? No, f**k all you did.”

The thug who filmed the assault addresses the camera personally as the video ends

The horrible footage shows the victim cowering on his back as the thugs assault him from above.

The footage then ends with a selfie style video of the masked thug who filmed the assault wearing an under armour jumper and ski mask.

He addresses his social media followers who were horrified by the footage that they “haven’t a clue” and that his victim is a “melt”.

He said: “Yeah, for anyone who is saying that’s bad or anything hasn’t a clue man.

“This fella is a melt man.”

An Garda Siochana has been made aware of the video by the Irish Mirror.

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