Why are certain segments here calling Irish People Racists, this is Abuse, just read below, the Race card is overplayed?

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Tuesday 29 October 2019

Garda called a ‘racist piece of dirt’ by speeding businessman in car

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A BUSINESSMAN stopped on suspicion of speeding told a garda he was a “racist piece of dirt”, a court has heard.

Mohammed Hamad (36) claimed he was only stopped because he was Muslim.

He accepted he had a dispute with gardai about who was speeding, but denied he was abusive.

He also claimed the garda told him: “People like you shouldn’t be here.” The garda denied this.

Judge Anne Watkin ordered a probation report and adjourned sentencing to January.

The defendant, of Eaton Hall,Terenure, was found guilty of threatening and abusive behaviour last November 13.

Gda Shane Kenna told Dun Laoghaire District Court that he stopped a vehicle shortly after 3pm for doing 111kph in an 80kph zone.

Gda Kenna said Hamad claimed he was not speeding, and the speeder was a red Audi in the adjacent lane. Gda Kenna said the defendant got out of his car and started shouting that he would see him in court.

Gda Kenna said he told Hamad to desist, but the defendant told him he was racist and had only stopped him because he saw his face.

The garda said he clocked the speed from 400 metres and could not see Hamad’s face.

Gda Kenna said he outlined the penalties to Hamad, who told him he would not pay and would see him in court.

The garda said he got into his car, telling Hamad he would not have a row at the side of the road.

He said Hamad came up to the patrol car, started banging and shouting and called him a racist piece of dirt.

He also claimed Hamad told him “you don’t know who you’re dealing with”, and he would lose his job if he had any more penalty points.

Hamad claimed the garda laughed in his face and ignored him and told him that “people like you shouldn’t be here”.

Judge Watkin said she did not believe the defendant and found him guilty.

Defence lawyer Miranda Egan-Langley said Hamad was from Iraq but had lived in Ireland for more than a decade.

Fred says: Imagine being in Iraq, or Saudi Arabia, or any Muslim country, and calling a Muslim police office “Dirt”?  Well I will let people figure out what would happen? Herrick (ICCL) and his company of Clowns, inform us we are all Racists, would he ever fuck off. He was clueless in Penal Reform, he got educated by people then turned his back. Then we have John and Audrie, and Miss Charlton, Civil Liberties, what a total fuck up. Irish Council of Civil Liberties, needs a total Clear out, urgently? Irish people have Rights also, at least when I checked last we had, unless the Brits are flying in again?

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