GUBU never went away? Dail Fraud Gate Scandal. FF Reward Clown Dooley for having the gift of Bi-Location, Amazing!!!

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Well, that was entertaining while it lasted, wasn’t it? A fierce row between Fine Gael and Fianna Fail.


Followed by total disagreement about what the scandal should be called (#votegate, #buttongate, #timmygate, #whateveryou rehavingyourselfgate).

And, followed, of course, by an equally fierce row between pundits. One crowd saw the voting row as being of major constitutional importance, while the other shower held it to be a load of old cobblers.

Thursday 31 October 2019

Fianna Fáil TD at centre of ‘Votegate’ controversy.  Dooley lands a prestigious European role, which other countries and people would not tolerate if similar happened in their seats of Government.  Add Naughton, Ethics Adviser, to the list of gobshites who don’t grasp what voting means in their role as politicians in the Republic of Ireland.

Timmy Dooley. Photo: Frank McGrath 2

A Fianna Fail TD at the centre of the ‘votegate’ controversy has been elected to a prestigious role in a major European Parliament political grouping.

Clare TD Timmy Dooley was re-elected this morning as one of six vice-presidents of the Alde Group, which is Fianna Fail’s affiliated political grouping in the European Parliament.

The Alde Group’s official Twitter account announced the election result and congratulated Mr Dooley and the five other successful candidates. Mr Dooley served as an Alde Group vice-president for the last five years.

Last Sunday, he was sacked by Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin after it emerged Limerick County TD Niall Collins voted for him six times when he was not in the Dail chamber.

Mr Dooley and Mr Collins are both currently under investigation by a Dail ethics committee over the controversy which Ceann Comhairle Sean O Fearghail described as “stark and unpalatable”.

READ MORE: ‘I was sloppy, I owe apologies’ – what Fianna Fáil TDs told ‘Votegate’ investigation

Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin has                       asked two TDs to step down from the front bench                       (Brian Lawless/PA) 2 2
Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin has asked two TDs to step down from the front bench (Brian Lawless/PA)

In a letter sent to the secretary general of the Alde Group Jacob Moroza Rasmussen days before the voting controversy emerged, Mr Martin praised Mr Dooley for his service to the political group.

“I know that, if re-elected, Timmy will redouble his efforts and to everything possible to help parties as they seek to grow and meet the serious challenges of securing a reformed Europe based on inclusive growth and the rule of law,” Mr Martin wrote.

Fred sums this up: Martin says Dooley will be there to see the Rule of Law is enforced at all times. Is Martin taking Magic Mushrooms? Dooley broke every Law in the Dail in relation to Voting.  What planet is the Invisible leader of the Cosy Deal on? The people need to stand up, and take a good look at the shower of Morons who are grossly overpaid in salaries, expenses and pensions, in the empty Dail. Why bother showing up, when you can phone a friend?  Fred


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