Michael D a man of the people, sorry we don’t swallow the Bluff. Greed is all over Ireland. It is the Taxpayers who pay for the Presidential office excessive lifestyle. We are the Fools.

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Students told to leave so President Higgins can sell house

No 2 Sylvan Road in Galway, which               is to be sold, is owned by Michael D Higgins
No 2 Sylvan Road in Galway, which is to be sold, is owned by Michael D Higgins

The tenants of a Galway property owned by President Michael D Higgins have been told to move out because the house is being put on the market.

Higgins and his wife Sabina will benefit from an enhanced tax break by selling the house within seven years of its purchase. The president has previously been a critic of property speculators. During last year’s presidential election campaign, he also backed calls by homelessness campaigner Fr Peter McVerry for a three-year moratorium on evictions.

At the start of the summer the house’s tenants, all students in NUI Galway, were given until the end of September to quit the property, on Sylvan Road in Newcastle, minutes from the college campus. A number of those living in the six-bedroom house…

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President Higgins:  Surely this is a little bit greedy. A President of a country like Ireland could lead by example, it is obvious it is the 7 year tax break that ensures the sale of this 6 bedroom property.  Why not give the house to the Homeless even for 5 years.  President Higgins openly states that he is a man of the people?  Let him prove it now.  Repair and Lease legislation came into existence in 2017.  Properties are brought back onto the market designated for homeless people.  Check out Peter McVerry and how the scheme operates. The Presidential Irish Palace has 70 spare rooms in the ARAS while people live in the hedges outside.  Fred.


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