Houses burned out by young Thugs; shots fired at Gardai in Drogheda; Fire Brigades being stoned and this is all in the name of Halloween in Ireland.

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Derek ‘Dee Dee’ O’Driscoll gang use chaotic Halloween night to firebomb Dublin house causing chaos for fire crew

ASSOCIATES of gangster Derek ‘Dee Dee’ O’Driscoll used a chaotic Halloween night of horrors in Dublin to firebomb a house.

Gardai and emergency services came under attack on Thursday night in a series of incidents.

 Derek ‘Dee Dee’ O’Driscoll

Derek ‘Dee Dee’ O’DriscollCredit: Collect
 A bonfire in Tallaght last night

A bonfire in Tallaght last nightCredit: Garrett White – The Sun
 Firework fight

Firework fightCredit: Mark May
 Gardai came under attack during multiple incidents
              last night

Gardai came under attack during multiple incidents last nightCredit: Mark May

Violent thugs also used the chaos to carry out a revenge arson attack.

In Louth, an individual opened fire on cops with a repeater, while another threw fireworks at a female officer.

In the capital, the Dublin Fire Brigade had to stand down its service in Darndale and bonfire barriers blocked estate entrances.

An innocent person’s house and van in Cherry Orchard Drive, Ballyfermot, in west Dublin were targeted in an arson attack on Thursday night by the same thugs that forced terrified builders to pay them protection money.


It was revealed last month that O’Driscoll and his ‘enforcer’ David Reilly raked in a fortune from an extortion racket involving Dublin City Council.

The gang demanded money to stop vandalism and assaults on workers at social housing sites in Cherry Orchard.

Other recordings circulated on social media showed gardai coming under attack from anti-social behaviour in Drogheda.

In one incident a young man is seen pursing a patrol car in the Moneymore estate while firing multiple fireworks at it.

A few hours later, a Garda at the scene of a house fire in Blackrock, outside Dundalk, came under attack when fireworks were thrown at her.


The Garda Representative Association has condemned attacks on gardai working on Halloween night in Louth.

Fred says:  One would have to ask the question where is Charlie Flanagan and this fading Government.  When you read the above it is alarming to say the least.  Imagine a tourist buying a newspaper today and trying to understand how these Thugs have free rein to use Halloween as a camouflage to burn out houses purposely and then if you go to Drogheda where shots are fired at Garda officers from a Beretta handgun.  This is the same O’Driscoll who received over a half a million euros from the developers and Dublin City Council putting into effect his protection racket.  Crime pays in this pathetic country but beware and make sure it is Crime on the top of the ladder because if you have not TV licence you are in trouble; or if you turn your TV up too loud and annoy a Romanian out of control woman – you will have the Gardai at your door in excess of 30 times and added to this you will be arrested and strip searched.  So we have in this country Selective Policing along with some Selective Justice.  This will be continued at another time.  Back to the above, O’Driscoll’s enforcer, named O’Reilly, received three years last Friday with nine months suspended for stabbing a man in the face and causing a wound that needed 30 stitches.  These are the type of criminals that get paid vast sums of money from the likes of Dublin City Council and that maintains Peace and keeps the young wolf pack Thugs in control.  O’Driscoll and Reilly are the Godfathers of the young Pack!  I can’t believe that this story is literally gone under the carpet.  O yes there will be an investigation by Dublin City Council and that is like Nixon doing an investigation on his own tapes all those years ago.  We have had the SwingGate scandal; the Dail Fraud Gate scandal; and we must not forget the Council paying the Criminals Gangland for Protection.  I say today to Minister Flanagan if you cannot sort out these Gangland figures, what are your chances in relation to the Border and the Threats that are now over the heads of the Lunney family and the McCaffrey family too.  Fred




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