Another sad case of a young Garda doing Cocaine, and Dismissed, the Sligo connection?

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Ex-garda and boy band singer spared jail over cocaine find

Michael Garrett was in IOU before he
                            became a garda
Michael Garrett was in IOU before he became a garda

A “stellar” garda and former bandmate of Westlife stars has been spared jail after he was caught with cocaine during a search.

Michael Garrett (40), of Orchard Lane, Strandhill Road, Sligo, had earlier pleaded guilty at Dublin District Court to unlawful possession of cocaine at Tritonville Avenue, Sandymount, on August 26, 2018.

He was based in a Dublin garda station at the time.

Garrett had 15 years’ unblemished service and was once chosen to represent the force and met US president Barack Obama during his state visit.

Since his drugs arrest, however, he had been suspended from duty and later dismissed.

His cocaine use stemmed from a mental breakdown after alleged incidents of workplace bullying, the court was told.

The case was listed again for sentencing yesterday when he was convicted and fined €500 by Judge John O’Leary.

Garrett had been a member of boy band IOU when Louis Walsh signed a number of its members in 2000.

They included Shane Filan, Kian Egan and Mark Feehily, who went on to international success and stardom in Westlife – but Garrett was not selected.

He went to college, however, and attended the Garda Training College in Templemore and had a “stellar career” until his arrest last year.

In evidence, Inspector Michael McNulty, from the National Bureau of Criminal Investigation, told the court Garrett had been stopped under the Misuse of Drugs Act.


During a search, two bags of white powder were found. They contained 1.6g of cocaine, worth about €140.

Garrett had no previous convictions.

Paul Comiskey O’Keeffe BL, defending, pleaded with the court to spare his client a jail sentence and conviction despite the aggravating circumstances.

Insp McNulty agreed that at the time of the offence, Garrett had been a serving member of the force for 15 years, with an unblemished record.

Insp McNulty accepted the defendant had handed over the drugs, he was detained and interviewed four times, during which he made admissions.

Mr Comiskey O’Keeffe said Garrett acknowledged that being a serving member of An Garda Siochana at the time was an aggravating factor.

Counsel said Garrett felt animosity toward him after he was awarded a place on a motoring course. It allegedly came from a new superior, and he had documented incidents of workplace bullying.

He was “demoted to carry out work ordinarily done by civilians” and believed he was victimised.

Another young Garda taking cocaine, this time caught and rightly so brought before the courts and spared jail, fined and his career is over.  Nobody wants to see a young man’s life in ruins and hopefully he can give up this addiction and start somewhere with the help of his family and genuine friends.  This former Garda claims that he was a victim of bullying at the workplace.  We will probably never know the truth about this.  But the question remains how many Gardai today, if they were randomly drug tested, would fail the test.  It beggars belief that random drug testing for Gardai is not in force in this country, not forgetting how many Gardai would fail the alcohol breathalyzer going on morning duty.  As I said nobody like to hear about a young Garda, who seemingly was popular when he worked with the community in the inner city, to lose his job.  Fred


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