Border is far from solved. Armed Garda Units may only inflame a serious ongoing volume of Threats, Arson, and they must bare witness to the Savage Assault on Kevin Lunney. People out there must know what lies beneath?

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Thursday 7 November 2019

Protect us or we will shut down, Quinn chief warns

BBC handout photo of Kevin Lunney, BBC                     Spotlight programme on BBC Newsline.BBC                     Spotlight/BBC/PA Wire 2
BBC handout photo of Kevin Lunney, BBC Spotlight programme on BBC Newsline.BBC Spotlight/BBC/PA Wire

The international investors backing Quinn Industrial Holdings last night issued an ultimatum to the Governments on both sides of the Border that in the event they “fail to re-establish the rule of law” in the face of the terror campaign being waged against the company they will “be forced to re-examine” their investment.  A source close to the company said: “This would mean that in the event of investor withdrawal, these companies will close permanently and never be opened again.  “These investors handle investments worth tens of billions all over the world. They will never allow a precedent to be set whereby they are seen to be vulnerable to intimidation and corporate thuggery and this could happen elsewhere.  “The harsh reality is that the jobs would be lost and the companies will just be left as holes in the ground if this terror campaign is not stopped for once and for all.”

Fred asks if the Rule of Law is in jeopardy where the border exists between North of Ireland and the Republic.  The Gardai were well aware of the Threats and Arson Attacks on Innocent people for years. Sadly it took what happened to Kevin Lunney for the Republics Minister for Justice to finally wake up. Taking the signs down during the night shows Weakness? The Elements behind these attacks should see the Gardai are not afraid. Signs with threatening messages should be removed in broad daylight so that everyone can see, we mean business, the Rule of Law exists.  It is so important to show no Fear? Sadly the American investors are not happy with the slow Response from this Government.  Hopefully people have jobs in the New Year?  Fred 



Raid in the UK, suspect involved in Kevin Lunney kidnap, dead


add rampage by youths tonight in Cork City

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