Gangland Feuds out of Control. Homes of Innocent people burnt out, hardworking Taxi men caught in the middle. This Taxi man has lost his income. Gardai have to regain control of these areas urgently.

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Innocent woman’s home is hit in feud arson attack

Gardai said freed taxi driver had no                             links to criminality
Gardai said freed taxi driver had no links to criminality

A house occupied by an innocent woman was targeted in an arson attack in the latest incident in the out-of-control Coolock feud.

It is understood the property, on Coolock Drive, was attacked at 10.35pm on Saturday by gangsters feuding with a young man known to the innocent woman.

Extensive damage was caused to the property only hours after the man appeared in court on feud-related charges.

The 25-year-old man had been arrested last week as part of a major garda surveillance operation that also led to the arrest of a 53-year old taxi driver and another man.

After being questioned for 24 hours at Coolock Garda Station, the driver was released without charge late last Thursday night.

Senior sources said he did not know the pair he picked up in the Bunratty Road area on Wednesday night after being alerted to the fare on the Free Now app.


He was arrested along with the two suspects, but garda inquiries determined he had no involvement in criminality.

A source close to the north Dublin taxi man, who has no convictions, said he has been “living in fear” since being released from custody.

“He’s terrified that he’ll become a target of the feuding gangs,” the friend told the Herald.

“He’s worried that, as his taxi was at the scene for over an hour after the arrest operation, people may have taken down his number from which you can easily get his photo and wrongly think he was involved.

“This man is scared for his family’s safety.

“He has spoken to gardai about his concerns and they have assured him they will pay attention to his home in the coming days and weeks.”

The driver also has major concerns over his livelihood, as the car he was driving when he was arrested has been seized.

“He has no income because his taxi remains with the gardai and he can’t access the car or important documentation in it until they’ve finished their investigations,” the friend said.

“He has tried to find out when he can get the taxi back but hasn’t got any answers yet.

“This has been a very stressful week for a man who was never in trouble in his life.”

Tension remains high in the Coolock feud, with a number of different crime gangs involved in the complex vendetta with lines becomingly “increasingly blurred”.

Fred engages yet again:  We have Drogheda, the latest murder in Bettystown, the feud in Longford and not forgetting Cork and Sligo.  Now when you read the above, this Feud in Coolock sadly will take more young lives and we hope innocent people are not caught in the crossfire.  These Gangland Thugs have no boundaries.  We cannot forget some months ago the murder at the school gates.  The question I have today is where is the Garda Intelligence on the ground.  Years ago the cops would have an ear to the ground from within but sadly that day is gone.  As one youngster from the inner city said some time ago it is the cops and us.  For years they treat us like dirt but then we grow up and we not just despise them nor trust them, we don’t show them any respect because they just target us for who we are and where we are from.  This youngster has a point because I have written over and over again.  You will not see Donnybrook Gardai harassing the youngsters on a Friday night at the Rugby dance when they are all out of their heads on alcohol and drugs in Dublin 4.  We cannot forget the Saturday, the same D4 elites, almost wrecked the pub Kiely’s now closed and there was not one arrest.  Could you imagine if the youngsters on that day were from Finglas or Ballymun?  You would certainly have a reaction from the Keystone cops both swift and ruthless in their Paddy Wagons and carrying their graphite batons.  We are talking about selective Policing.  The problem now is that years ago successive governments built houses in Coolock, Darndale, Santry and other areas but with no resources for the people and the fall-out is what we are seeing now.  These Feuds are not going to stop overnight nor is the Border Problem (not Brexit) in relation to QIH (Quinn family origin) and from the tone of voice of the CEO Mr McCaffrey it is apparent that he does not feel that the Garda response was sufficient on the day he met Commissioner Drew Harris. 

To be continued.  Fred

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