Selective Justice, in a two Tier Justice System, imagine if Posh boy was from Coolock or Tallaght? A couple of weeks in Prison, then the Private Rehab, money talks?

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Saturday 9 November 2019

Judge ‘unimpressed’ by chef’s son on drug charge

Joshua Allen (19) has shown ‘a lack of maturity’

Remanded in custody: Joshua Allen, son of                     celebrity chef Rachel Allen. Photo: Cork Courts Ltd 1
Remanded in custody: Joshua Allen, son of celebrity chef Rachel Allen. Photo: Cork Courts Ltd


The young son of celebrity chef Rachel Allen has been remanded in custody until the end of the month in order to give his defence counsel the opportunity to secure residential addiction treatment for the 19-year-old.

Judge Sean O Donnabháin remanded Joshua Allen in custody until November 29 after he said that his response to the serious charges he was facing was “singularly unimpressive”.

Judge O Donnabháin said that the probation report had shown that the defendant “had not matured in the manner” he would expect for a person facing serious charges.

“There is no point in minimising what has happened. He has knitted his own jumper. I will not let him do that,” he said.

Earlier this year, Joshua Allen, of Ballinamona, Shanagarry, Co Cork, pleaded guilty to two drugs charges at Ballymaloe Cookery School in Shanagarry, Co Cork, on August 30, 2018.

The eldest son of Rachel and Isaac Allen pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis for sale or supply when the market value exceeded €13,000 or more.

Joshua Allen pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine on the same occasion. He also pleaded guilty to the charge of possession of cannabis on September 5, 2018, in Ballinamona.

Cork Circuit Criminal Court heard that he was arrested in September 2018 after the controlled delivery of a parcel containing the cannabis to an address in east Cork.

Customs in Portlaoise Mail Centre had become suspicious of the parcel, which had a US postmark.

Det-Sgt Garda Michael O’Halloran told the court the package was intercepted by customs in Portlaoise. It was found to contain cannabis with a street value of €22,694.

A controlled delivery was arranged to Joshua Allen at Ballymaloe Cookery School, when gardaí observed him opening the package and then intercepted it. A small quantity of cocaine worth €66 was found in his wallet.

Joshua Allen was arrested and detained at Cobh garda station. He admitted it was his third or fourth time engaging in such a delivery.

He co-operated fully with gardaí and told investigating officers that he secured the drugs from a female resident of California whom he met in east Cork. He had travelled to London and paid her €2,000 in cash for the drugs.

On September 5, a further small quantity of cannabis was found in Ballinamona.

Siobhan Lankford, SC, representing Joshua Allen, said her client was without previous convictions. She acknowledged he had shown a lack of maturity in how he had responded to the serious charges.

But she said he had co-operated fully with gardaí.

Judge O Donnabháin said that Joshua Allen was “exceptionally young” to be before the courts for a Section 15A offence. He remanded him in custody until the end of the month to give his legal team an opportunity to secure residential care.

Joshua Allen was supported in court by his father Isaac.

Some weeks ago the Queen Bee of RTE, Rachel Allen, got a column in the RTE guide speaking about the worry, the stress, the anguish about her son as above who pleaded guilty to importing drugs to supply and sell.  As I said before you will not see a mother from the inner city receiving the same media opportunities from RTE and their private clique.  We cannot forget that RTE themselves not alone have staff who are convicted paedophiles (Craven) and co.  Also we can’t forget have many who snort the coke themselves and Gerry Ryan cannot be remembered for being the perfect all round entertainer. 

Let us face the truth here and speak it as it is.  Rachel Allen as I stated got her interview but I am astonished that her son could appear in the Circuit court in Cork yesterday with an attitude that the probation services where a nuisance to his social diary and lifestyle.  To put it bluntly he gave the two fingers to the probation services.  Rachel Allen, if one can ask the question, how come she did not sit her son down and tell him how serious the charges he pleaded to are?  He now has spent his first night in Cork prison and he will appear before the Judge again on the 28th November 2019.  This is where I have serious questions to ask and before I begin I would never undermine the integrity of Judge O’Donnabhain.  He will, I am talking about Posh Boy Allen, go to Rehab and have a soft couple of months in luxury.  This is where I am sure many people ask the question in this country today:  It is about Why is our justice system so selective.  Young men from Tallaght, Crumlin, Darndale, Coolock, Ballymun, Ballyfermot who are caught importing drugs into this country serve years in prison.  There is no opportunity for them in Hollywood type Rehabs.  Allen planned this with a deep cunning; he met his contact in London; he paid over thousands in cash and he got his supply from overseas via the Portlaoise sorting office.  His barrister says he has no previous convictions but any brain cell would ask is there a possibility that a number of other parcels got through – it will be interesting to see how this case eventually comes to the end game and what the result will be?  I am sure there are thousands of parents out there today wondering, as I am writing this, if it was their son or daughter, would they get the selective justice called Rehab.  The words “lack of maturity” were mentioned and this baffles me because when you plan a drug cache coming into Ireland via An Post, you are clever, cunning and calculated and more importantly mature enough to do the act.  The Allens are the Golden Family of RTE – no wonder Montrose is in debt, not just financially but morally also. 

Fred moves to despair at what inadequate but justice is about in the Republic of Ireland and why selective justice needs to be addressed.  This young woman, Polish, was faced with an arrest warrant of £100.00 from Trim, Co. Meath court – she could not pay.  She was sent to prison.  Sadly she committed suicide.  Shame on Ireland, our legal profession, this woman was too young to die for a mere £100.   Fred



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