Dublin Jimmy is dead, but there still lies a undercurrent of Mistrust, and lack of Communication. Time will hopefully balance out outstanding Fake News, especially as reported on the Mail yesterday?

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This campaign of intimidation is not over’ – Quinn executive agrees with controversial TD garda comments

'This campaign of intimidation is not over' - Quinn
                executive agrees with controversial TD garda comments

Quinn Industrial Holdings (QIH) executive John McCartin has said that resolve is still needed to find the ‘paymaster’ behind the campaign of intimidation against the company.

He also told RTÉ radio’s Today with Miriam O’Callaghan show that he agreed with comments by Fine Gael TD Michael D’Arcy about the resourcing of An Garda Siochána in the area.

“We did have sustained attacks against us, there were a number of incidents that were allowed go unchecked – the incitement to hatred at a public meeting, the posters defaming us and face to face threats.”

Mr McCartin acknowledged that he and his fellow directors had not taken the threats seriously initially.

None of us could imagine the level to which they would stoop. The lack of humanity that they have.

He said that the QIH executives have confidence that the gardaí are doing everything they can in the investigation, which he said is wide ranging, deep and well resourced. He said he was especially grateful for the efforts made to ensure his own personal safety.

However, he warned that he and his fellow executives cannot be complacent that just because they are taking precautions that they are not invulnerable.

“There is still a lot of risk to every activity and there are indications that this campaign of intimidation is not over,” he said.

When asked about comments by the Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan about a cross border task force, Mr McCartin said he understood the Minister’s position as he could not act unilaterally and his position was even more difficult with no Assembly in the north.

Crime doesn’t respect borders, he said, but politicians do have to.

The death of Cyril McGuinness was shocking news, he said, but there was concern that an “evidentiary lump” had now gone with his passing. He said the “treasure trove of evidence” found at the scene “can only be a good thing.”

We are not privy to the details of the investigation, we just know the massive and concerted efforts on both sides of the border are not waning. There is a very substantial evidential trail.

Responding to a question about an email from Sean Quinn Jnr to a QIH executive in which he offered to meet “to restore harmony in the community,” he said the combined response from the executives had been that the community did not need to be calmed.

“The community is not waging war with us.”

Earlier today, the Garda Representative Association called on the Minister D’Arcy to apologise for his comments on RTÉ’s The Week in Politics.

“We’re asking for him to apologise for what he said about the members on the ground in that area,” said president of the association Jim Mulligan,

“They are dealing with a very violent situation up there. They are trying to police that area as best they can with the resources they have.”

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On RTE 1 yesterday, Michael D’Arcy made his comments in relation to the Border and lawlessness.  There seems to be a break-down in communication between this Government, the Garda Commissioner, and the people.  The Mail wrote an astonishing piece with allegations yesterday that Dublin Jimmy was an MI6 agent, an international criminal with Republican connections and if I get it right he was considered to be one of the Masterminds behind the Canary Dwarf – in fact it was embarrassing to read the shit that was printed.  No wonder the Mail is on its last legs in Ireland.  Time and only time will balance this very complex situation in relation to the Quinn company.  People always bought the Mail; people always enjoyed the topics but yesterday it really scraped the barrel and it was Disneyland and the topic above is far too serious for this kind of delinquent journalism.  In the meantime, the Gardai are appealing for information about the cars that were used in the recent murder of Mr Carberry, allegedly connected to the Drogheda Feud.  Ireland at the moment is in an acute crisis from lack of investigative journalism.  Maybe it is the fall-out from the McCabe tribunal or maybe there is a hidden agenda of Editors being told what to write??? Fred.

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