In Ireland now being Irish is almost a crime. If you speak the Truth, you are called a Racist. £500 million went to Nigeria from Ireland in 2013. FACT. Question: Where did the monies come from? You will not see many Paddies sending £500,000 million from Nigeria to Ireland! FACT.

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Tuesday 12 November 2019

TD accused of racism after questioning ‘astronomical’ amount of money sent from Ireland to Nigeria

Noel Grealish TD. Picture: Andrew Downes 1
Noel Grealish TD. Picture: Andrew Downes


A TD has been accused of racism in the Dáil after questioning the amount of money sent from Ireland to Nigeria every year.

Noel Grealish, who was at the centre of another racism row in September, asked the Taoiseach whether “astronomical” amounts of money leaving this country were being monitored.

He demanded to know what mechanisms are in the place to ensure money going to Nigeria “is not the proceeds of crime or fraud”.

The Galway TD quoted figures from the World Bank which show that hundreds of millions are repatriated to Nigeria every year.


Fred sadly says:  Our own people now are afraid to say Happy Easter in case they offend other nationalities in our country.  Our old people keep their heads down while attending Church.  I ask why?  If we open our mouths against Islam we are called Racists but they can point at a statue in a hospital and have it removed within one hour.  Imagine being in Saudi Arabia and kissing your partner in public.  Result:  stoned in public.  We need to get a grip that this is our Country also.  We need to protect our culture and get off our knees and being proud to be Irish.  Noel Grealish is a decent Irish man and he speaks the Truth but not sadly the Truth is almost illegal in this pathetic country.  In the meantime, Corruption and Cronyism rule the Roost.  So I say again, a lot of people come to Ireland as Welfare Tourists.  We are a soft touch and a hundred bleeding liberal hearts are trying to suppress 4.4 million people.  I say again:  We need to get off our knees and be proud to be Irish.  We respect all people in this country but there comes a time where the respect has to go both ways.  My mother always said Charity begins at home and then offer the hand to others or as in those days give pennies to the poor box for Africa.  I would ask you to read the link from the Irish Independent about remittances.  What is revealed in 2013 is shocking.  How did so many Nigerians, who are not members of the EU arrive in Ireland and make so much money that they can send it back to their country which means they have no loyalty to our country and yet we have 14,000 homeless in Dublin including children.  Fred. 

Please note that this was at the height of the recession in Ireland.




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