Higgins the Millionaire, should keep the Beal shut, and stay out of Politics. He, Mr President, lives in a 75 room mansion, and travels globally Free. This man is Labour pre Election mouth piece. So well Timed yet again, I say lead by example, a Giant among men.

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President Michael D Higgins (Donall Farmer/PA)1
President Michael D Higgins (Donall Farmer/PA)

President Michael D Higgins has defended immigrants and highlighted the communities that welcome them in the wake of controversial remarks by two Independent TDs.

He also compared the recent commentary around immigration in Ireland to a speech delivered by Donald Trump at the UN where the US president said countries should put their own people first.

Mr Higgins said the facts about migrants must be corrected when they are “abused” but that this doesn’t justify “any malfunctions” in communication with communities facing processes of change such as being asked to accept asylum seekers.

He also pointed out that Irish people have been immigrants in the past and “it’s something we should try to understand”.

In recent weeks Independent TD Noel Grealish was heavily criticised after claiming that African migrants “sponge off the system” at a public meeting on a proposed direct provision centre in Oughterard, Co Galway.

Meanwhile, Cork South-West TD Michael Collins claimed Ireland is “losing our culture”. He also said the country should “look after our own people first and then when that issue is sorted, let’s start looking at people from across the world”.

Mr Higgins was asked about the remarks by both men during his visit to New York where he last night delivered Ireland’s address to the UN General Assembly.

He said it wouldn’t be appropriate for him to comment on individual politicians or parties but offered a strong view on the debate on immigration.

Mr Higgins said: “You see a certain resonance of that in the General Assembly… where one of the principal speeches made by one of the most powerful speakers… [was] about the choice between what he called patriots and globalists.”

Fred opines:  Little Mickey President should stay out of Irish politics.  He always times his remarks well as his wife did at the time of the Abortion referendum.  His daughter was landed into the Seanad nice and cosy a few years ago and her input to Irish politics is as small as a mouse traveling through the Sahara desert.  Higgins owns multiple properties.  It is well known he has gone through 17-21 staff changes in as many years yet nobody speaks out!  He has these little tantrums and it is alleged by staff who have left that he is capable of throwing flower vases through windows in the midst of his tantrums.  It is the height of hypocrisy and the mini skirt wearing wife to tell the Irish people to open their houses, their hearts, accept all people into Ireland, and give them bed and board, a free house, welfare, medical cards – we are a great little country and while Higgins gives the speech there are 70 rooms vacant in his house while people sleep in the cold and rain, in the hedges of the Park, outside without care.  Over the years, there have been many rumours circulating from the Aras but nobody seems to be able to get a grip and put it into a story or may I say a headline.  I am putting my neck out today and I am saying directly to little Michael D.  Open the Gates Michael.  Practice what you preach.  House the homeless, focus particularly on those with mental health, feed the hungry, and stop talking through your arse.  I have no problem in feeding any child, man or woman but recently when I sat down with a Romanian national and she told me she loves Ireland because she cleans 12 houses each week and £17 per hour, no tax, for 6 hours each day; her husband has a job (cash) working on the buildings in Ireland; on top of this they receive welfare allowance, rent allowance and children’s allowance sent back to Romania to her daughter.  When I added up the figures they were both earning approximately between them £1500 per week no tax.  Sometime ago Judge Martin Nolan gave an Irish woman 10 months in prison for taking welfare while she worked in a servile job in Crumlin hospital.  She was a wife, a mother and a grandmother.  The screams of crying in the court by her grandchildren on the day she was sentenced were heartbreaking so I say again to our President; it is time to get your facts right and act with equanimity.  Open up the Gates and practice what you preach.  Fred

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