Children must be protected at all times; I am just wondering if Richard Boyd Barrett & other lefties are aware of convicted paedophile Pat Corcoran who is alleged to have applied to go on a board in relation to sex education in schools.

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Alerted to this site on twitter 16th November 2019: “Alleged” must be must be considered in relation to the content.  Certain links access is by choice of the reader.   

Professor Jeremiah Honkleberg


sent a pro Antifa tweet by their paedophile leader? That’s right Debbie Antifa Ireland are led by an actual paedo and he joined their protest two weeks ago to demonstrate FOR graphic sexual education in schools

Former civil servant caught with 7,000 child porn images avoids jail
A FORMER civil servant caught with over 7,000 images and 21 videos of child pornography has avoided jail.  Link cites details as per judgment of the courts in 2013:-

Recent Postings 5th March 2019 by Irexit Freedom

Irish Antifa led by a Convicted Paedophile

Irish Antifa are led by a convicted paedophile. Be wary of them. Keep kids away says Hermann Kelly of The Irish Freedom Party.

So the founder and leader of Antifa in Ireland is a convicted paedophile.

Former civil servant Pat Corcoran pleaded guilty and was convicted in 2013 of having over 7,000 images and 23 videos of sexually abused children on his computer stated in this Irish Independent article. He also pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography images in 87 A4 brown envelopes at his former home.

Even Indymedia of which he was chief editor in what was supposed to be a coop, kicked him out on hearing this. Indymedia statement>

But Antifa needed his back for his organisational skills and he is now head of the Antifa fold again. Read the Kilkenny Journal article.

Corcoran was many times seen out canvassing for Abortion on Demand in Dublin city centre. He is also returned to the various lefty campaigns for more refugees.

In one of the photos he is standing beside Trotskyite ‘People before Profit’ TD Richard Boyd-Barrett. PBP have tried a few times to ring up hotels to bully them into cancelling Irexit Freedom to Prosper events around the country.

Anyway as Antifa in Ireland were started and again led by a convicted paedophile we believe they should change their name to Pantifa. We also suggest a new logo – see below.

Pantifa hate freedom of speech and must not be allowed to shout people down or cancel the meetings of a liberal democratic party such as Irexit Freedom to Prosper.
Anti Fascist Action Ireland Facebook


The Kilkenny Journal admits that we are the biggest muckrakers in the country. Kilkenny County Counc…

See More

The Kilkenny Journal Same thing happening in Ireland now with the emergence of leftist perverts here.


  • The Kilkenny Journal Corcoran shared a platform and an association with the then Minister for Justice Alan Shatter TD in their opposition to hare coursing, they knew one another well. We presume they also worked together to bring in all the migrants and grant so many citizenship and they also worked together on introducing abortion into Ireland as Corcoran was a headman in the pro-abortion group, CHOICE.
  • The Kilkenny Journal It looks like Corcoran knew too much to go down and they bought his silence with the suspended sentence.
  • The Kilkenny Journal Who do you mean? There is nobody on the right of Irish politics like Corcoran, who is still your member by the way. So far paedophiles have only been found on the Left. What about yourself? How many more pervs are in AFA Ireland? We understand that theSee More
  • The Kilkenny Journal CIaran Kelly/Kieran Kelly – no such person known to us, there must be a Billion Facebook members now and you say this fella is one of them? What’s the hell is that got to do with us?

    Stick to the case in hand, isn’t it about time AFA Ireland confrontSee More

  • Workers Against Racism so you don’t know the person organizing this event? interesting… will make good media fodder when he is pictured next to your golden boy O’Loughlin on Saturday.
  • The Kilkenny Journal You’re way off. There is no organiser of this event a convicted paedophile like your AFA Ireland boss, the notorious Patrick Corcoran.
    In any case we do not , as respectable people, make a habit of knowing people like your boss. Good evening to you, whoever you are.
  • The Kilkenny Journal That was AFA Ireland ( Antifa or anti-fascists, the so-called “anti-racists” ) trying to justify their founder Patrick Corcoran’s paedophilic porn offences of which he stands convicted, a felon.
    And yet behind the scenes he still remains the leader of these sick people.See More
  • Eddie Duffy How many more paedophiles are there in the AFA ?
  • James Katt It’s the same with ANTIFA in the US. They are riddled with perverts and paedos. This one was a particularly despicable piece of work and even his ‘comrades’ describe him as an odious character

Gardai arrest masked & violent Antifa lout outside Dail as he attacked Free Speech demo.

Fred admits that the foregoing is horrific to contemplate:  in fact it has caused him to look for explanations, if they can be located, particularly before the offenders are found guilty and sent to prison.  This link from the Irish Times is most informative and covers many angles including the views of the people who are engaged in Sting operations, something similar to what happened to Ciaran Creaven, RTE, who was sent to prison.



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Image may contain: 1 person, eyeglasses, suit and closeup
12 hrs

“OUR Streets! OUR Streets!” #FreeSpeech Rally in Dublin Tells The Dail Ireland Will NOT Be Silenced!

People from a large variety of groups came together in Dubl

See More

Before I get to Corcoran, Free Speech is part of our Democratic Right and also our Constitutional Rights, as long as it is not Hate Speech?  In the meantime, I am reading about this convicted paedophile, Patrick Corcoran, who was convicted in 2013 by Judge Martin Nolan in the Dublin Circuit Court.  Corcoran is a former senior employee of the Department of Culture and Heritage.  Naturally after he was convicted in relation to serious child porn he was dismissed.  Again I don’t know much about the individual but reading the above it asks serious questions and this is why I am highlighting this today.  Corcoran was heavily involved in social media and also involved in the National Libraries Association of Ireland.  As I said in my topic I will leave it up to the Lefties to figure out where and why and what purpose is Corcoran making his comeback on?  Children, I repeat, must be protected at all times.  Fred

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