The Healy Rae Dynasty lectures on Anti- Social Behaviour, and how to prevent Assaults in local areas? Is this a Traveling Kerry Circus?

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Thursday 28 November 2019

Convicted Jackie Healy-Rae Jnr is member of committee that advises gardai on preventing crime

Guilty: Jackie Healy-Rae Jnr outside court in Tralee, Co Kerry, on Monday. Photo: Domnick Walsh1
Guilty: Jackie Healy-Rae Jnr outside court in Tralee, Co Kerry, on Monday. Photo: Domnick Walsh


Jackie Healy-Rae Jnr, who was convicted of assaulting a tourist, is a member of a committee that advises gardaí on preventing crime.

Mr Healy-Rae was elected as a councillor on Kerry County Council six months ago.

He was then appointed to the Co Kerry Joint Policing Committee (JPC). A JPC advises gardaí on how to prevent crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour.

The son of Independent Kerry TD Michael Healy-Rae told a recent meeting of the committee he “got a hiding” when he was 16 or 17 years old if he failed to come home at a certain time.

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Jackie Jnr and his brother Kevin were convicted of assault causing harm arising from a dispute with a British tourist over queue jumping at a chip van in December 2017.

Their uncle, Independent TD Danny Healy-Rae, declined to comment, saying the case was “not my side of the house”.

Jackie Healy-Rae Jnr (23), his brother Kevin Healy-Rae (22), and their friend Malachy Scannell (34) denied a series of assault charges arising from disputed events in Kenmare, Co Kerry, on December 28 2017.

Judge Dave Waters at Tralee District Court convicted the three on all counts and remanded them for sentencing on December 6.

Defence solicitor Padraig O’Connell confirmed the convictions would be appealed.

Jackie and Kevin’s uncle, Independent TD Danny Healy-Rae, yesterday told the Irish Independent the convictions were not a matter for him to comment on as it is not his “side” of the house.

“No comment at all, it’s not my side of the house,” he said.

“And I have nothing to say about that.”

Mr Healy-Rae was speaking at a farmers’ protest in Dublin city centre.

His brother and Jackie and Kevin’s father, fellow Independent TD Michael Healy-Rae, also refused to comment on the case.

A councillor is disqualified from serving on a local authority if they are serving a prison sentence of over six months.

The Joint Policing Committee is effectively a sub-committee of the council.

A JPC aims to “develop greater consultation, co-operation and synergy on policing and crime issues between An Garda Síochána, local authorities and elected local representatives and also to facilitate the participation of the community and voluntary sectors”.

Mr Healy-Rae is the youngest member of the JPC in Kerry. He is on the committee as a nominee of Kerry County Council.

Earlier this month, he told a meeting of the Kerry JPC there needed to be tougher law enforcement to prevent crime.

He told the meeting that when he was a teenager, if he failed to come home at a certain time “I got a hiding”.

Three members of the Healy-Rae family were elected to the council in May’s local elections. Jackie stood in Castleisland and his cousins Maura and Johnny stood in Killarney and Kenmare respectively.

The three received a combined vote of 8,743 first preferences.

The joint policing committee serves as a forum for consultations, discussions and recommendations on the policing of an area. It advises the council and gardaí on how to best perform their functions and to do everything feasible to improve the safety and quality of life and to prevent crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour within the area.

The council is also supposed to take steps to prevent crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour within its area.

Fred aghast says:  Well after reading the above, you may laugh or cry. As a country, we have lost the Soul of a Nation, because the People of Ireland will not stand together and get these Gombeens out.


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