This is brewing for at least 10 months: Harris is not comfortable as Commissioner. Rumour has it that the lower “brass” don’t want him as Boss so where from here?

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Garda Commissioner Drew Harris facing opposition from top officers ‘unhappy’ with his leadership

They claim Harris is not consulting with them fully in his role as head of the gardai

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris launches Garda reform plans
Garda Commissioner Drew Harris launches Garda reform plans
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The Garda Commissioner is facing opposition from the country’s top police officers who are “unhappy” with his leadership, the Irish Mirror can reveal.It’s understood the powerful Association of Chief Superintendents have met with him over a number of issues – and have been ‘very vocal’ in their protests.

The senior officers, who run the 12,000-strong force on a daily basis, claim Commissioner Drew Harris is not consulting with them fully in his role as head of the gardai.

A source said: “The Chief Superintendents are not happy. They feel they are not being consulted on serious matters.

“If they don’t feel they are being included in the decision making process, they are looking at non-compliance, in effect a work-to-rule.”

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris at Pride 2019 in               Dublin (Image: Philip Fitzpatrick)
Garda Commissioner Drew Harris at Pride 2019 in Dublin (Image: Philip Fitzpatrick)

The Irish Mirror has learned the senior officers are opposed to the Commissioner’s operating model – and claim they are not being consulted about reforms in the force.

They also want their availability allowance of around €5,000 restored.

A package is on the table for superintendents, chief supers and assistant commissioners of around €40,000 to €50,000 to take early retirement.

The severance deal is only available to those who have less than six months left to serve.

And tensions are high over the increased civilisation of the force.

The senior source said: “There is an obsession with budgets, yet there is proposal to taken on 26 senior civil servants with the title of Assistant Principal Officer.

“On the one hand you have the push to get senior experienced officers to retire, and then on the other you have the planned recruitment of over two dozen civil servants to the force. It doesn’t add up.”

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris (Image: Don Moloney / Press 22)

Fred says that this is on the cards for a long time now, it is hard for a former RUC man to blend in at Paddy Garda HQ.

A little more history from Fred

Donegal County Council passes motion saying Drew Harris should not be hired

The councillor who brought forward the motion said it will now be forwarded to every council in Ireland.

Drew Harris Garda appointment Drew Harris. Source: Brian Lawless

DONEGAL COUNTY COUNCIL has passed a motion calling on the Minister for Justice to cancel the appointment of the new Garda Commissioner, Drew Harris, because of his previous links to British Intelligence services and his role in shutting down an independent probe which was investigating the activities of the so-called Glenanne gang.

The motion cited a Belfast High Court judgment by Mr Justice Seamus Treacy which found that the PSNI’s decision to shut down the Historic Enquiries Team (HET) investigation into the activities of the loyalist gang was inconsistent with the police force’s human rights obligations.

The gang, which operated mostly in Armagh and Tyrone, has been blamed for more than 100 killings during the 1970s and 1980s. Drew Harris was in charge of legacy investigations in the PSNI when the probe was halted.

Treacy’s judgment, which came in July 2017, prompted the victims’ support group Relatives for Justice to call for Harris to resign from his then role as Deputy Chief of the PSNI .

New Garda Commissioner Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan (left) and Garda Commissioner Drew Harris. Source: Niall Carson

Donegal motion

Harris is set to officially take up his new role as Garda Commissioner in early September. The motion calling for his appointment to be cancelled was passed at a meeting of Donegal County Council on Monday.

It was brought forward by Independent councillor Micheál Choilm Mac Giolla Easbuig and seconded by Councillor Frank McBrearty Jnr.

An amendment proposed by Sinn Féin was deemed too different from the original motion and was ruled out-of-order by Cathaoirleach Seamus Ó Domhnaill.

Councillors from Sinn Féin, Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil raised concerns about the motion but, as no counter-motion was proposed, the motion was passed.

In passing the motion the Cathaoirleach noted that many of the council’s 37 councillors said that they abstained. Three councillors spoke in favour of the motion.

“I didn’t expect it to pass. That to me clearly states that there’s huge concerns in relation to this appointment,” Councillor Mac Giolla Easbuig told

The motion will now be circulated to all councils in the 26 counties and they will have to vote on it.

Mac Giolla Easbuig said he plans to hold public meetings to speak against the appointment in Dublin, Monaghan and Donegal.

The councillor explained that his reservations are based on Justice Treacy’s judgement last year and Harris having worked with MI5 as part of his previous role.

The council will now write to the Minister for Justice, Charlie Flanagan, to register its concerns about Harris’s appointment.

Harris has 35 years experience in policing. He is a former RUC officer and received an OBE in 2010. Before being appointed deputy chief constable of the PSNI in 2014 he was head of the department that targeted dissident republican activity.

He was also the officer in charge of the investigation that saw Gerry Adams arrested in 2014. The former Sinn Féin president was arrested by detectives investigating the 1972 murder of Jean McConville. He was released without charge. has contacted the Department of Justice about the motion but it has yet to receive a response. A spokesman for the gardaí said it does not comment on third party statements.

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