The Irish Government is not grasping the Monies, Power, and Corruption that Illegal Drugs bring and the harm they do, in a country, as small as Ireland?

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Kinahan Cartel one of biggest drug gangs in €30billion EU drug trade, new report reveals

THE Kinahan Cartel is one of the biggest drugs gangs in the world, a new report has suggested.

The Irish mobsters are name checked in the study — compiled by the EU drugs agency and Europol (EMCDDA) — which shows Europeans are spending €30billion a year on drugs.

 Authorities with haul of drugs from 2014 Cork Operation

Authorities with haul of drugs from 2014 Cork OperationCredit: PA:Press Association

 The new report highlights the wide-ranging impacts of EU drug markets on health and security

The new report highlights the wide-ranging impacts of EU drug markets on health and security

 Christie Kinahan

Christie Kinahan Credit: The Sun Dublin

 Daniel Kinahan

Daniel Kinahan Credit: The Sun Dublin

The 220-page report also reveals how the Irish cartel, fronted by Kinahan brothers Daniel and Christie Jr, is expanding into Australia and New Zealand and references the litany of drug-related murders in Ireland in recent years.

It gives a chilling insight into how the drug gangs operate in Ireland in relation to punishment violence and murders, grooming of young people into drug gangs and Ireland as a drug route, as part of its forensic assessment of the European illicit drug market.

The 2019 EU Drug Markets Report revealed 39 per cent of drug revenue is spent on cannabis, 31 per cent on cocaine, 25 per cent on heroin and 5 per cent on amphetamines.

The warring gangs in Ireland were highlighted by the study in relation to “grave concern” over the “increase in violence around cocaine importation activities”.

It noted: “Homicides and kidnappings between crime groups in Europe now appear to be more frequent and violent than in the past.”

“A war between two rival Irish gangs involved in cocaine importation and distribution in Ireland, the UK, Australia and New Zealand has led to at least 15 murders, many in public places, in Ireland and Spain since 2015.”

The report said disciplinary intimidation, much of it related to drug debt, has escalated.


It added: “Notably, in Ireland, many communities have been severely affected, with major impacts on the health and well-being of individuals, families and communities and functioning of local services and agencies.”

It also said the drug distribution networks in Ireland appear to be structured as a three-tier hierarchy with a lower tier of highly disadvantaged young people generally involved in bullying, assaulting, stealing, vandalising and spreading fear on behalf of the network.

A middle tier of young people typically engaged in high-risk, low-reward activities, such as transporting, holding or dealing drugs, carrying guns, and conducting shootings, beatings and serious intimidation and a higher tier of serious players who are in control.


EMCDDA Director Alexis Goosdeel said yesterday the report is a clear wake-up call for policymakers to address the rapidly growing drug market, which is increasingly joined-up and digitally enabled. He said: “A mounting concern is the rise in drug-related violence and corruption within the EU.

“Acting on the far-reaching consequences of the drug market for health and for security must now be an urgent priority.”

The report also noted the involvement of Vietnamese Organised Crime Groups in cannabis cultivation in EU Member States including Ireland, the UK, the Czech Republic as well as Norway and Sweden for a number of years.

Ireland was also named as a destination country for cannabis resin and the authors said it is possible it is a transit country for herbal cannabis coming from the Caribbean for a potential market in the UK but the amounts are very little.


The report said: “Herbal cannabis is trafficked from Spain directly to Ireland and the United Kingdom, and, after transiting through several countries, to eastern and northern Europe.”

It revealed the wholesale price of 1kg of herbal cannabis is €8,000.

The report also told how cocaine production in South America and heroin production in Afghanistan are estimated to be at historically high levels.

Europe is also a major producer of cannabis and synthetic drugs for the EU market and to some extent is a global supplier of MDMA and amphetamine.


The report noted the EU and the Balkan region appear to be increasingly used as transit areas for cocaine destined for other markets such as Australia, Russia, Turkey, as well as the Middle East and Asia.

Fred: the Feud in the inner city between the Kinahan Gang and the Hutch Gang was a slaughter for the Hutch family and friends. Gerry the Monk once a Legend among his own inner city group, is now a Lame Duck in hiding from country to country across Europe with 10 million euros on his head. Gardai are making some progress, but the amount of Cocaine being sold in Ireland now is at a record levels among the middle to upper class yuppies. Night Clubs cannot cope, some are paid off, some under Threat, and the Drug Dealers are laundering their monies through Corrupt Legal firms, and other outlets.  Sleepy Hollow Ireland and how three men, middle aged, could safely smuggle illegal drugs of such mammoth value as £440 million but thankfully fate and conscientious people saw something in the wild Atlantic coast of Ireland that they deemed to be suspicious and the acted on it and the men were arrested and they were imprisoned.



Sunday Independent 1st December 2019 Link

Synopsis from the article of “Need to Know”.  Excellent investigative journalism here so I have taken the points made verbatim from the article.

Title:  Drug trail that reaches from Dubai to all corners of Ireland.

Daniel — Christy —  Christy jr

The Kinahan Cartel’s International organised crime network HQ is in Dubai – Smuggling Cocaine to:

Dublin:  The Players

      • The Family,  Clondalkin and Ballyfermot:  Considered the biggest heroin dealers in the State, buying from Turkey suppliers but aligned with the Kinahans.  Responsible for murders, violent feuding and drugs debt intimidation.
      • The Gucci Gang:  Young dealers so called because of their love of expensive watches, designer clothes and cars which they show off on social media.  Led by Mr Flashy, a Kinahan prodigy groomed to take over its Irish operations.  Four members murdered this year in the Coolock feud and blamed for last week’s murder of the fifth feud victim
      • Mr Big, Coolock:  Major drug trafficker selling cocaine and heroin; suspected of numerous gangland hits, including one recent Drogheda feud murder.  He gets on with both sides involved in the Hutch/Kinahan war and sources his drugs independently as well as from the Kinahans.  He is the main suspect in the murder of Real IRA leader Alan Ryan.
      • Corduff drugs gang:  Former members of the Westies, aligned with Mr Flashy and therefore with the Kinahans, feuding with a Blanchardstown drugs mob.  Involved in intimidation and violence.

Let us recall the important fact that the HQ is  in Dubai

Countries of Origin for these illegal drugs:

UK:  Liam Byrne’s organised crime group, Kinahan’s ‘Irish branch’ relocated to Liverpool

Netherlands:  Veteran Irish crime figures sourcing in the US and shipping cocaine and cannabis to Ireland from South America.

Turkey:  Gangs supplying heroin in the UK and Ireland, via a Turkish trafficker recently arrested in Ireland.

Africa:  Kinahans linked to 9.5 tonnes of cacaine shipped from South Africa to Morocco and EU

Costa Rica:  Police seized Kinahan gang £10m cocaine shipment bound for Europe.


and yes, thanks to the work of this courageous Investigative Journalist – Sunday Independent 1st December 2019, we are able to locate where this global tranche of illegal drugs emanating from all corners of the globe through Gangs head quartered in the United Arab Emirates is distributed through their sophisticated networking throughout the Island of Ireland.


Longford, Leitrim and Roscommon:  Five local traveller gangs in Longford involved in drug dealing are locked in a violence feud impacting on the local community and adjacent counties.  Drug offences in Longford Roscommon division are up 30%.

Sligo:  Two dominant gangs feuding for control of the local trade: one side is linked to a local gangster family, the other to Ballyfermot heroin dealers.  Gardai say intimidation of families over drugs debts is “rife”.

Mayo:  Rising drugs detections; supplied by Sligo gangster family; at 130% increase in four years in drug offences in Ballina and Castlebar.

Donegal:  Biggest dealer in cross-border gang led by Donegal man recently targeted by CAB.

Galway:  Drugs trade mostly controlled by resurgent elements of the Keane/Collopy gang based in Limerick.  The gang deals in cocaine, ecstasy and cannabis and is known to use ruthless violence to keep local dealers and customers in line.  Drug-related violence widespread.

Laois and Offaly:  Drug offences in Portlaoise up 90% in four years.

Cavan and Monaghan:  Drug-driving in both counties up 350%, from 14 to 63.  Local groups have highlighted persistent heroin problem in Cavan.

Westmeath:  Drug offences up by 63% in four years.

Louth:  Rival Drogheda-based gangs are involved in turf feud that has cost two lives.  One gang has ties to a Traveller crime gang and is led by a ruthless criminal who is the suspect in at least three murders.   Both sides sell Kinahan cartel drugs, also supplying Meath and North Dublin.  Drug related intimidation is widespread.

Meath:  Controlled by a major dealer from Coolock, with the Drogheda feud encroaching into parts of the county.  Cases of intimidation and extortion reported to gardai.

Kildare:  A former stronghold of Kinahan money launderers and bagmen, west Dublin gangs supply local dealers.

Limerick:  Biggest gang using legitimate businesses as cover to supply drugs across the city and county and into Tipperary, Cork and Kerry.  Local politicians condemn “cocaine epidemic”.

Cork:  Garda suspect a Lithuanian gang as being the main supplier of heroin in the city.  A local drime family raided recently by CAB is also suspected of dealing for the big Dublin gangs, with its reaches spreading into local areas.

Waterford:  Local organised crime gang dealing heroin, cocaine and crack cocaine, with increasing reports of drug related intimidation.  Drug offences in the Dungarvan area up by 142%, in a year.

Wicklow, Carlow and Kilkenny:  Supplied by Dublin drugs gangs, drug use is up in all counties.  In Carlow town, drug offences are up 90% in four years.

Wexford:  Local illegal drugs trade (estimated at £12m a year by local addiction services) supplied by Dublin gangs.  Increasing reports of drug-related intimidation.

Hitler’s cabbage patch has become the Drug Cartel’s market place based on a global network supply, centralised no less in the United Arab Emirates who most definitely do not have a population reliant on illegal drugs as I would imagine the death sentence would apply if you were caught taking drugs there, given that other very minor transgressions merit very tough sentences maybe even stoning.  Tonight’s news reports that Scotland has a very serious heroin drug problem with as many as three people dying each day through addiction.  The foregoing tells us Ireland must also be in a similar crisis but as always we hide behind denial and state there can be no addictions in our families and if there are we just give them what some refer to as a “Social Death” leaving them to die or for the State and charities to take responsibility for.  We should all ask ourselves a question and that is do we know anyone who owes a drug debt?  Do we know anyone who has had to pay off say £20,000 of a drug debt for an adult child or even grandchild?  Fred. 

A further link aimed at educating people about cocaine

Fred concludes:  Claire Byrne Live, RTE 1 tonight 2nd December 2019, gave an audience to people in Ireland who are directly impacted by illegal drug networks in Ireland, and as most stated that illegal drug crime is at an all time high in Ireland and many young people are dying.  A mother of a daughter who was a mother to three children aged just 25 years, died on prescription drugs mixed with hard drugs; this woman not only lost her daughter but later in the year, her brother, a heroin addict died, again it was a mixture of excessive alcohol, mental health medications and illegal drugs.  A councillor from Duleek, Co. Meath, where drugs are rampant, said she makes available test kits to parents for children as young as 13.  Parents who may have expected their child was taking marijuana or some form of pot too often discover that it is heroin, cocaine or other hard drugs, that is being consumed.  This is a crisis.  A&E professionals will say that these people who are taking hard drugs are no longer ashamed and will openly admit to taking these illegal drugs (why did the word Recreational ever enter the vocabulary? just as in the past they would admit to taking just too much alcohol.  There is no shame.  I would recommend you access this programme on the RTE player.

Twitter @ClaireByrneLive 

Social history of a mum, her children, Sophia housing, a woman who moved from an overcrowded family home into B&B’s in different locations while handling both opiate addiction and trying to care for her children.

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