FF destroyed a country under Bertie, and Cowen, and Martin was there also, but last night FF Betrayed the people of Ireland again. They are Cowards, they have no compassion for the Homeless, the Vulnerable, the people in In Work Poverty in Ireland. Get off your knees Martin, and be a Leader.

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Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy narrowly survives no confidence vote despite record homeless numbers

It is the second time in just over a year that opposition politicians have called for Minister Murphy’s head

Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy survived a knife-edge motion of no confidence – as homeless figures soared to their highest level ever.

TDs voted by 56 votes to 53 against the motion, with 35 abstentions.

It is the second time in just over a year that opposition politicians have called for his head through a motion of no confidence as the housing crisis worsens all the time.

There are now a record 10,514 people homeless in Ireland, including over 3,800 children.

Murphy is now facing mounting calls to quit. Tony Walsh, the founder of the Feed Our Homeless charity, said: “These latest figures are disgraceful to say the least.

Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy
(Image: Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland)

“Month on month year on year the numbers of individuals and families and also children entering into homelessness has constantly risen.

“Nowhere near enough housing units are being built to meet the needs of people and families who are desperately waiting on a place to call home.

“The numbers of homeless children living in hotel emergency accommodation for long periods of time is totally unceptable. Thousands of homeless children will spend this Christmas in a hotel room which is unacceptable.”

Mr Murphy survived through a combination of Government and some independent TDs voting against the motion, along with Fianna Fáil crucially abstaining.

But the beleaguered minister still got a battering in the Dáil as his critics lined up to point out his failings.

Rise TD, Paul Murphy, slammed Eoghan Murphy’s broken promises to build more social and affordable homes.

He said: “It is spin, not based on reality.

“In more plain language, it is a lie.”

And outside of Leinster House Mr Murphy got a mauling too as campaigners for the homeless blamed him for the worst ever homelessness figures released last night.

The Simon Community described the situation as “shameful” and said it underlines the need for urgent Government action.

Simon’s spokesman, Wayne Stanley, said: “As we face into Christmas, we must not allow ourselves to become immune to the continuing worsening of the housing and homelessness crisis.

“We need to remember that this homelessness and housing crisis is not a normal situation, and should not be seen as acceptable on any level.”

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar took a political gamble when he upped the ante and put his neck on the line for Mr Murphy.

Fr Peter McVerry has been very vocal about Housing and Political scandals.  Link attached.  https://www.newstalk.com/news/fr-peter-mcverry-got-angry-homeless-people-experience-932841?utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=article&utm_medium=web

Fred says:  Eoghan Prada Murphy has now become a national disgrace as the worst, incompetent, in housing in the history of this State.  In the last number of years people have died in doorways, in dumpsters, under cars, from cold and hunger while Prada Murphy keeps talking through his arse.  Micheal Martin and FF should feel ashamed.  They broke a Nation in 2009 and now they pretend to be in opposition while the dogs in the street know they have signed the Devil’s Pact known as the Cosy Deal with Leo the Lioness and Martin will stay on his knees paying homage to the Blueshirts. I cannot believe that seasoned members of the FF party would go three years and play both sides of the political fence in the current harsh climate.  I can’t believe that people like John McGuinness, Sean Fleming, Willie O’Dea would stand by this complete act of betrayal by a leader of a party that said through history they would never do any deals with FG.  That is all changed now because the infamous Russell Murphy’s grandson is still minister for housing.  If you read the link re Peter McVerry, a homeless child before the courts hungry had stolen a 1 euro bar of chocolate.  Whatever lawyer in the State Solicitor’s office and the Garda involved should also hold their heads in shame.  Martin has bluffed but I believe a new Dawn is coming where people will shake off the apathy and the stress they are under and get out in the New Year and vote but this time vote for changes for example :  Accountability.  McVerry went on to say the FG TD Murphy in Cork doing the double job between Brussels and Dail Eireann while drawing down two salaries can surely be described as blatant Fraud.  Thomas Byrne FF has asked for a full inquiry.  This now must make the number of inquiries in Ireland hit 20,000 between the banking inquiry, the HSE inquiries, the Charity fraud inquiries, the Garda corruption inquiries, the TD expenses inquiries, the new hospital over-run spending inquiry, the insurance scams inquiries, the Tulsa inquiries, the Child Abuse inquiries, the Creche scandal inquiries and I could go on all day.  Many years ago and I am no fan but Bob Geldof was right A BANANA REPUBLIC.  NOTHING HAS CHANGED AND NOTHING WILL CHANGE.  Our TD’s now actually believe they are celebs and they also believe that they are untouchable and if Murphy FG who instructed Gardai and a squad car to leave him and his wife to Dublin airport, gets the job in Europe, it fully endorses that CORRUPTION AND CRONYISM IS LEGAL IN IRELAND.  FRED  

Dara Murphy has resigned today but he signs up to his start date of today in his new position in Europe.  Is it naive to share the views of Fr McVerry and assume that this man must go before the courts of Ireland?  There must be some law breached in this whole bizarre duplicity.  Fr McVerry details the cases he has been involved in which were petty thefts like stealing a bar of chocolate.  Think of the waste of court time for such a meager offence; really if the truth were known the likes of Tesco and others proceed with these cases as a means of creating a deterrence message to would be petty thieves.  There is a message here for the Government in Ireland – mind you they have not yet sorted out the Perjury Act or for that matter cleaned up the court poor box transparency and accountability.  https://www.thejournal.ie/dara-murphy-4917764-Dec2019/


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