Pat Flanagan sums it up well here: Dara Murphy should be blocked from Brussels, but this is Lawless Ireland, Politicians have a free for all. The Boys Club and Corruption are Thriving, while people are hungry, homeless and who will, if this continues, become hostile.

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‘If Dara Murphy was in any other job he’d have been sacked years ago’

The fact is the Taoiseach and Fine Gael knew what Dara Murphy was at and did nothing about it

If the profession of politics is viewed by a good proportion of the public as little better than prostitution, the politicians have only themselves to blame.

The difference being that at least hookers provide a service and go to work. Had absentee TD Dara Murphy been in another job other than a Dail Deputy he would have been dismissed years ago.

If he was in the private sector and it was found he was claiming massive expenses while being mostly absent – because he was working for another firm – he would have been sacked on the spot.

Dara Murphy (Image: Gareth Chaney/Collins)

The fact is the Taoiseach and Fine Gael knew what Dara Murphy was at and did nothing about it. In fact, Leo Varadkar was defending him until there was a public outcry about this scandalous use of taxpayers’ money.

Homeless campaigner Peter McVerry described this scandal as a “a tale of two cities”, contrasting Dara Murphy’s treatment to that faced by homeless people being prosecuted for petty thefts.

He wrote how a young homeless boy had been charged with
theft of a bottle of orange valued at €1.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar canvassing in Swords, Co Dublin (Image: Colin Keegan/Collins)

He added: “A TD on his way to or from his full-time, very well-paid job in Brussels, stops by at Dail Eireann to sign in so that he can collect his full €51,600 expenses for his attendance in the Dail.”

This gross hypocrisy is one of the reasons the public have growing contempt for politics and politicians and why they can’t be bothered voting.

As for Dara Murphy, he is back off to Brussels – this time to pocket around €150,000 a year working for the European Commission.

Who says European politics is a gravy train, eh?

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