Probably a midlife Crisis, or the Allegations are more Sinister, another Crisis for the Commissioner? How many Alleged Sex Pests are in the Gardai?

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Senior garda suspended over allegations he ‘took secret photos of female colleague and distributed to other gardai’

A SENIOR Garda has been suspended over allegations he took ‘secret photos’ of a female colleague and distributed the images to other gardai, it’s reported.

The suspension was announced today following an internal investigation reportedly led by Assistant Commissioner Michael O’Sullivan.

 File image. The senior garda was suspended today                 over the allegations

File image. The senior garda was suspended today over the allegationsCredit: PA:Press Association

It’s reported the garda – who is based in the West of Ireland – has been under investigation over allegations of bullying and sexual harassment against the younger female colleague.

However, according to the Irish Independent, the Investigation has “recently broadened into other areas”.

The Garda Siochana Ombudsman Commission has been informed.

The suspension of the senior officer was authorised by Commissioner Drew Harris today.

A spokesperson for An Garda Siochana confirmed the suspension.

Fred concludes:  Down the years allegations like this against Gardai and especially senior officers would never see the light of day.  At least in the last decade between a little more transparency and social media the untold stories and allegations are coming to the forefront.  This officer is based in the west of Ireland, of high rank, according to media sources today.  We cannot say more on this due to the fact that they are only allegations until a case is compiled and I am sure an internal investigation is going on at present, given that he is suspended.  With the high rank that this man holds, I am sure Commissioner Drew Harris will play it to the letter of the law.  To speak generally now we know of hundreds of cases of over sexed Gardai down the years harassing female officers and civilians and believing that they were untouchable.  We cannot forget the recent case of the civilian woman who had her name cleared in relation to sick certificates and her brother, a doctor, had to clear his name also.  She was arrested and in my opinion, it was a total stitch up, because she refused the approaches made by a Garda in the station where she worked.  Hopefully this suspension yesterday of a Chief Superintendent will give a clear warning to other Gardai to keep their boxes and hats on at all times.  Fred

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