Gangland across Ireland watch on with glee as Harris creates a big divide of bitterness and animosity between himself and his senior officers, if the main media can be believed. Commissioner Harris needs to gain the respect and support of his team.

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Defiant Garda Commissioner Drew Harris lays down law to ‘unhappy’ Chief Superintendents

‘He has taken a very militant approach to his senior officers’

Commissioner Drew Harris launches Garda reform plans

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris has come out fighting over a proposed work to rule by Chief Superintendents.

The country’s top police officers are at loggerheads with the Commissioner and are “unhappy” over his leadership.

The powerful Association of Chief Superintendents have already met with him to protest over a number of issues, from reforms to increased civilisation.

But now a defiant Commissioner Harris has written to each of the Chiefs directing them to comply with his orders and stating it was their legal duty to do so.

A source said: “The Chiefs are far from happy and made that known to the main man, but now he has shown his tough side and told them that a work to rule was illegal.”

It’s understood that a direction to comply was issued to every Chief Superintendent in the country to toe the official line.

The source said: “He has taken a very militant approach to his senior officers. In effect, they have been issued with a threatening legal instruction.”

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris (Image: Gareth Chaney/Collins)

The chief supers, who run the 14,000-strong force on a daily basis, claim the Commissioner is not consulting with them fully in his role as head of the gardai.

The senior police officers say they want to be kept in the loop on serious matters affecting the force – and asked their opinions.

They feel they have been left out when it comes to discussing reforms and are not consulted over the increased civilisation of the force.

A proposal to take on 26 senior civil servants with the title of Assistant Principal Officer is causing tensions at a time when there is a push to get top officers to retire, sources said.

A package is on the table for superintendents, chief supers and assistant commissioners of around €40,000 to €50,000 to take early retirement.

The severance deal is only available to those who have less than six months left to serve.

The chief supers are also looking to have an availability allowance of around €5,000.


Fred scowls and says:  Harris took up the post after swearing and Oath to Queen and Country then all he had to do was take off the uniform of the Royal Ulster Constabulary, crossing over the border, and it was Charlie Flanagan, at midnight, gave Harris the Gold Bars of Garda Commissioner of the Republic of Ireland.  We have written on this many times before and the way that Harris was Sworn in at midnight at some station in the City.  Bizarre is an understatement.  Now Harris, allegedly still with MI6 connections, is in control at Garda HQ.  He has a full time unit of bodyguards around the clock for his own personal safety.  He also has a specially made bullet proof jeep and he has accommodation, wherever it may be, it is reported to have a bunker type room in case of an attack by IRA dissidents.  This is reported by some media outlets and Gardai talking out of  place after a few drinks.  The cost to the State between the salary of Drew  Harris and the security around him, is in the region of £1.5 million a year, the question is – Is he worth this?  Personally, I say No and many others would say the same.  If you don’t have the respect and support of your senior officers, in the current climate of Gangland warfare and Feuds adding to this the many murders across this country, the people of Ireland should not feel safe, they should be deeply worried.  So I repeat again – it is known by certain sources that Harris is not a social being – he keeps to his own company and this is not the way we operate in the Republic.  Gangland are watching on like so many others and as Micheal Martin (Leader of the Cosy Deal) said in the Dail recently, DrugLords are running the parishes, townlands, and cities of Ireland, with fear and trepidation and they work at free will.  This is why today I state it is an utmost priority that Harris has the backing of a loyal TEAM around him and that they all work in a collective way with each other without any type of Dictatorship or Bullying.  We are living in pre Brexit which makes it very uncertain times and the Border will become a major problem again.  To be continued:-  FRED 

Fred has good reason for concern so he suggests you follow this link:

New Garda Commissioner Drew Harris

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