The Non National gentleman, lost all the Court cases (High Court; Supreme Court) to stay in Ireland. He has cost this State over half a million euros in Legal Costs. He was ordered to leave Ireland by the Courts seven years ago. Why is he still here? Do not call me a Racist. Ruth Coppinger explain this, without throwing G Strings at me?

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This case has only come to light in the last few months and this Government are trying to bury it before an election.  I like many other Irish people have no problem with refugees, or genuine asylum seekers coming here for refuge and then eventually joining the workforce.  This case is another Scandal; this individual is not genuine.  He is a Taker and a complete chancer and as the above mentioned he was ordered out of this country 7 years ago for various reasons including criminality.  Now, here is the biggest shock of all – he still claims welfare in the local Government office in North Dublin.  The staff have reported it several times to their bosses and yet nothing has been done.  My other side is about our own people.  A man who has worked all his life now in his seventies and who has paid taxes on this Island for over 50 years, who never took a cent in his life from Welfare or any other Government agencies – his medical card was given to him on his 70th birthday some years ago.  This year the Department of Social Non Protection sent him a letter stating they could not issue him with a new medical card because he had not sent in details in letter format of a small DWP pension amounting to £50 per month.  This is the reality of modern Ireland.  Persecute the people who pay their taxes and give millions out freely to Welfare tourists and the rest.  Our honourable friend was informed last week, that his medical cover is okay for Christmas but he must produce in writing all details of his English DWP small pension.  The pension in England actually and sadly does not affect his medical card here; the gentleman is still under the remit of entitlement re pension but why put a man of his years through so much turmoil and stress for months at Christmas knowing his wife is in a nursing home and not well.  This gentleman who I will not name has given this country so much service in his books and through his knowledge of trains, planes and automobiles, not forgetting the forgotten Irish history.  Many years ago, the late and great Con Houlihan, called him a living Genius.  Yet, our Government backed by FF treat him like a second class citizen.  I say to the smoke salmon socialists today that Equality IS FOR ALL IRISH PEOPLE ALSO.  HOMELESSNESS IS 98% IRISH PEOPLE AND THEY DON’T HAVE BRASS BANDS WAITING FOR THEM AS THEY GET OFF THE BOATS AND THEY DON’T COMPLAIN ABOUT THE FOOD AND STANDARD OF THE ROAST BEEF AT BUTLINS.  ENOUGH SAID.  FRED


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