Charlie Flanagan welcomed this Report, and Praises the Gardai, what Planet is Charlie on, oh I forgot there is a Election looming???

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Crime statistics for Ireland for 2019 show rise in attempted murders, sexual assaults, kidnappings and drug offences

The CSO data also shows that fewer people died violently over the past year

There has been a rise in the number of attempted murders, sexual assaults, kidnappings, and drug offences in the last 12 months, according to a new report on crime statistics.

But the figures by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) also reveal that there was a 33% decrease in homicide offences, with 27 fewer people dying violently in the past year.

The CSO said the figure for these offences reflects a technical revision carried out by gardai to correct 156 PULSE records of Dangerous Driving Causing Death since 2003 which were identified as having an incorrect reported date.

Shockingly there was a surge of 9% in the number of attempted and threats to murder, totalling 1,766 reported incidents.

Sexual offences rose by 7%, with over 3,300 people reporting incidents to gardai.

While 19 more cases of kidnapping were reported, bringing the total number to 136 cases.

Reacting to the news, Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan said: “The increase in threats and attempts to murder demonstrate again the challenges we face in tackling criminality and organised criminality.

“I commend the ongoing work of An Garda Síochána in addressing these challenges and welcome the successes which their intelligence-led approaches are delivering.

“I strongly encourage anyone who has been the victim of such attacks to please contact An Garda Síochána and report the incident.

“It is also incumbent on all of society to continue to examine behaviour and attitudes in relation to sexual crime if we are to bring about change in this area.”

The stats released today also show fraud offences have increased by more than a third with 7,805 incidents reported, a 35.1% increase on last year’s figures.

Drug offences increased by over 17% with an increase of 3,076 cases reported, overall 20,972.

While burglary and related offences dropped with a 1,114 less incidents reported.

Mr Flanagan said: “I particularly welcome the ongoing reduction in burglaries – nationwide, they have reduced by approximately 42% since 2015.

“But in addition to this targeted policing, strengthening community engagement can play a key role in providing reassurance to the public and deterring crime.

“A range of measures are being taken to prevent and combat fraud, including insurance fraud.

“Gardaí are taking steps to ensure consistency in how reports of potential fraud are received, recorded and disseminated for investigation.

“Changes have also been made to the PULSE system to improve the quality and consistency of recording of insurance related crime.

“Gardaí are having significant success in targeting the supply and sale of illicit drugs.

“Since 2015 and to November this year, I understand that the Garda National Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau has been responsible for seizure of controlled substances with an estimated street value of approximately €167 million.

“Such seizures represent a major blow to criminal gangs, who planned to profit from selling these drugs.”

The CSO also noted an increase in reported incidents of damage to properties, weapons offences and offences against the State.

Fred in pure astonishment says:-  the figures above are worrying to say the least, and again the Gardai are not reporting the proper crime Statistics and this is not the first time, as we all know. Ireland is a small country, an Island off the coast of Europe and we should not have this shocking level of serious crimes.  Coercive control is the new legislation that Commissioner Harris recently commented on.  Maybe this will protect vulnerable women from violent men who when they consume alcohol, often alongside illegal drugs, result in murders so horrible and children left behind in a harsh world without parents or extended family.  We are all too aware of the frequency of these kinds of murders in America (guns are allowed) but now sadly it is happening too often on the Island of Ireland.  Commissioner Harris was in a position to report the figures relating to deaths like these are more than those being murdered in the Gangland Feud, yet denial as always applies in Ireland especially when murders happen within families and relationships. Fred.


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