Another Crime in a Garda Station, when does it stop? Rogues must be rooted out, as a matter of Urgency.

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Gardai probe disappearance of €1,200 taken from arrested man and stored at Cork garda station


GARDAI are probing the disappearance of €1,200 taken from an arrested person and stored in a Cork Garda Station.

The alleged theft of the cash came to light when the man was released after being taken to a station in Cork.

Gardai are investigating after the cash went missing Credit: Reuters

When the man, who was arrested under the Public Order Act, was being processed his belongings, including €1,200 in cash, were placed in a locker at the station for safekeeping.

He was released without charge the following morning, but when officers went to get his possessions it was found the money was missing.

He has been given the full amount of the loss and received an apology for the delay.

According to a source: “It came as a great shock to find the cash was gone from the secure lockup. The man has been asked if he wants to make a formal complaint.

Fred:  There are far too many robberies of monies from Garda stations across the country. We are becoming a laughing stock all over the Europe and beyond, for all the wrong reasons. Cash stolen from a Garda station, the station becoming a crime scene.  Commissioner Harris – it is a priority for the New Year that each and every member of An Garda Siochana sign up to the Ethics protocol.  It is not long ago since it was published in the media that in excess of 50% of An Garda Siochana have failed to engage with the basics and that is signing the Ethics code. Scandal after Scandal, yet not one Garda arrested or before the Courts.  Why? 



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