More Scandals, empty houses, and DCC (Dublin City Council) do nothing. Why? Murphy where are you? Add to this 24,400 tenancies of DCC and £33 million unpaid rents indicates we have a crisis of management and effective decision making.

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Locals’ fury

Former home of evicted drugs mum Lena Moran left vacant by council for year despite growing housing crisis

EVICTED Lena Moran’s old council house has been left vacant by a local authority for the past year despite the growing housing crisis — with another empty pad on the same street.

The drugs mum got the boot last January, although she said she moved, after being exposed by the Irish Sun as a neighbour from hell who turned a quiet street into “a zombie apocalypse” with anti-social chaos at her house.

 The Swords house has been left vacant for nearly a               year

The Swords house has been left vacant for nearly a yearCredit: Garrett White – The Sun

 The door is still boarded up

The door is still boarded upCredit: Garrett White – The Sun

 The house in 2019 when Moran was evicted

The house in 2019 when Moran was evicted Credit: Garrett White – The Sun

 Lena Moran

Lena MoranCredit: Garrett White – The Sun

Long-suffering residents in the Castlegrange estate in Swords, north Co Dublin, welcomed the move by the council chiefs to send Moran packing after our story.

They had hoped officials would quickly allocate her old local authority pad to a new family.

But despite Ireland’s crippling housing crisis, we today reveal the property is still empty.


One furious local told the Irish Sun: “It is just a disgrace that the council haven’t put a new family in the house.

“Think of all the people on housing lists, think of all the people who are homeless. That house has been sitting there empty for the past year. It’s shocking.”

Our photos show the pad lying vacant with the front door boarded up as thousands languish on council waiting lists. New windows have been installed.

Another local stormed said: “It sickens me.

“Surely the council could have placed someone in there by now.

“There are so many people looking for homes.

“It is a joke that the house has just been left empty for so long.

“It shouldn’t take a year to reallocate it, no way. The council have a lot to answer for.”


The Irish Sun can also reveal a second council house on the same street — just a few doors up — has also been left unoccupied.

Darragh O’Brien, Dublin Fingal TD and Fianna Fail’s housing spokesperson, blasted the long delays in turning around much-needed council pads.

He said: “Council properties should not remain empty for a year.

“Everyone knows there is a housing crisis. These cases cause a lot of annoyance — and rightly so.

“People see the houses void, they know of people waiting on lists.

“They could be family members or people they know. It’s a cause of real annoyance and concern. We have to use our existing stock better.”

O’Brien urged locals to blow the whistle on vacant local authority houses in their area.


He said: “I would encourage people to keep raising issues about houses that are void to put the pressure on the councils.

“One family being housed is one family that is no longer homeless.”

Locals in Castlegrange last night said they are speaking out in a desperate bid to “get action” from Fingal County Council.

Moran — who has convictions for cocaine and heroin-related offences — was evicted from her council house last January after being exposed by the Irish Sun as a menace to her local community.

Terrified residents had complained to council chiefs about anti-social behaviour at her local authority house for years, with no action taken against Moran.

But we lifted the lid on the long-running ordeal endured by frantic residents in the Castlegrange estate and told how Moran was wrecking life on a quiet street under the noses of the council.

And just two weeks after our story, Fingal County Council removed the drugs mum from the pad. It is understood Moran was moved into another property in the northside of Dublin.

At the time of the eviction, Moran’s former neighbours in Castlegrange had urged the council to “quickly allocate” her old local authority pad to a new family.

When we questioned them about the two local authority houses on the same street being left ­unoccupied amid the housing crisis, Fingal County Council said: “The turnaround time for void properties varies on a case-by-case basis depending on a number of factors — including the works required, utility connections and, on occasion, Tenancy Management issues.

“Pre-let repair works on the dwellings referenced in the query, in Castlegrange Estate, have been completed and the dwellings are in the lettings process.”


How many Dublin City Council houses/properties are left vacant and derelict at a time when the homelessness crisis leaves in excess of 10,500 people homeless; then add the number on the housing list for Dublin City Council?  Voids in estates need to be turned around for habitation in a maximum period of 12 weeks. 

It is a shocking indictment that Dublin City Council, a landlord of 24,400 tenancies has allowed arrears to rise to this level of £33 million.  The Dublin City Council have a duty of care to provide housing for those in genuine need, the following links would suggest there is a definite dereliction of their duty of care to people in need.  History in the making but sadly the question must be asked what happens next: is the person evicted then homeless?  “It’s understood the first renter to be evicted by DCC for not paying their accommodation fees is to lose their home later this month.”  This was in November so what happened to this family over the Christmas period?

Dublin City Council Is Owed €33 Million In Social Housing Rents

Emma Tyrrell

Emma Tyrrell

09:20 18 Nov 2019

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Dublin city council is owed almost €33 million in social housing rents, the largest amount ever.

Of the local authority’s 24,400 tenants, more than half are in arrears. While a fifth of renters are behind for more than six months.

The figure of €32.8 million is the largest sum ever owed to any local authority in unpaid rents.

That’s more than €10 million more than in 2019, when tenants had failed to handed over €19.5 million.

It’s understood the first renter to be evicted by DCC for not paying their accommodation fees is to lose their home later this month.

It follows the introduction of new legislation that allows local authorities to apply for repossession orders.

It comes as council tenants face increases in their rents of around €160 a year. City councillors will vote tonight on whether to hike accommodation costs next year to cover a shortfall in funding.

Increases to parking charges, tolls and commercial rates are also planned.

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