Josepha Madigan: Minister for British Culture in Ireland, almost succeeded in betraying the memory of our Fallen Heroes in the War of Independence against the British imposed RIC and their sidekicks the notorious Black and Tans.

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You must serve three years as Taoiseach to qualify for a full Taoiseach pension. If a general election were to be held now and FG lost, Leo wouldn’t qualify for a full pension.  Explains why he is holding out for another four months.

Glasnevin honour for Black and Tans? Names could go on remembrance wall with 1916 heroes.

Members of an all-party committee want the Government to revise plans to put the names of Black and Tans, Auxiliary and RIC constables alongside Irish revolutionary heroes on a Remembrance Wall in Glasnevin Cemetery.

Fianna Fáil senator Mark Daly, a member of the All-Party Consultation Group on Commemorations, says Culture Minister Josepha Madigan confirmed to him at a meeting on April 3, 2019, that the names of the Black and Tans and Auxiliaries who died in the War of Independence would be carved into the Wall of Remembrance.

Other members of the group say there have been plans to follow this course of action since the wall was unveiled by former taoiseach Enda Kenny in 2016.

Josepha Madigan, Minister for Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht — Mark Daly claims Madigan confirmed to him that the names would be included on the Remembrance WPic: Eamon Ward/PA Wire

At the April 3 meeting, attended by 19 members of the group, it was confirmed that the role of the Royal Irish Constabulary and the Dublin Metropolitan Police should be appropriately acknowledged.

The minutes confirm this. However these minutes – contested by participants – do not refer to exchanges about the Black and Tans.  Source

Mr Daly says he asked Ms Madigan whether the Black and Tans – officially called the RIC Special Reserve – would be included in a commemoration.

He says she confirmed they would. This led to a discussion about the memorial wall, officially called the Necrology Wall, in Glasnevin Cemetery.

Mr Daly told yesterday: ‘I then asked are the names of the Black and Tans and Auxiliaries going to be inscribed on this and she [Ms Madigan] said, “Yes, they will”.’

Mr Daly and others say this is unacceptable. ‘There is no hierarchy of victims but there is a hierarchy of causes,’ he says.

‘There is no hierarchy of victims but there is a hierarchy of causes,’ Mark Daly says on the topic of the Remembrance Wall Pic: Gareth Chaney/Collins

Mr Kenny unveiled the wall in 2016 on the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising.

It displays in chronological order the names of those who died in the 1916 Rising, with Irish patriots alongside British soldiers. A vacant space remains to take the names of all those who died in the 1919-1923 conflicts.

The Glasnevin Trust told last night that in-depth – and expensive research is under way to discover every individual who died in the 1916-1923 revolutionary era.

All names will go on the black marble wall.

The Trust issued a statement last night.

It said: ‘Glasnevin Trust is currently researching and compiling the list of names of those who died between 1916 and 1923 as a result of the conflict.

‘Ongoing consideration is being given by Glasnevin Trust to ensure the names can be made public in a manner such that the Necrology Wall will be received in the spirit by which it is intended.

‘The essence of the Necrology Wall is remembrance and reflection, based on historical fact, in a non-judgmental, non-hierarchical manner, of each and every person who died as a result of the conflict. The ambition, in turn, is to stimulate further reflection, discussion and, hopefully, understanding and in so doing contribute to the ongoing process of peace and reconciliation on this island.

‘At the beginning of this project, it was stated that the concept of this Necrology Wall was to simply record, in chronological order, without any distinction based on nationality, rank or religion, all those who died as a result of political conflict on this island, from the Easter Rising to the end of the civil war.

Sinn Féin TD Aengus Ó Snodaigh has sat on all commemoration committees since former taoiseach Bertie Ahern founded the first one in 2006.

Aengus O Snodaigh has sat on all commemoration committees since former taoiseach Bertie Ahern founded the first one in 2006 Pic: Collins

Mr Ó’Snodaigh has repeatedly warned about the backlash if the hated Black and Tans and Auxiliaries are placed on the wall alongside revolutionary heroes such as Pádraig Pearse and Michael Collins. The wall has been built yards from Collins’s grave.

Mr Ó’Snodaigh says the committee did not back the decision to include the names of British soldiers on the 1916 section of the monument.

‘The Glasnevin plaque went up with the 1916 names and the intention was always to continue with that and put more names up covering the rest of the period,’ he says.

‘There has been a campaign opposed to it; it hasn’t been very vocal of late but it never had the endorsement of the all-party committee. ‘The minister is funding it – the funding for the Glasnevin Trust comes from the State. Mark Daly and I asked whether they had considered the full implications of this [and if they had] consulted the relatives groups. I would have raised objections about the wall back in 2016.’

A spokesman for Ms Madigan, who chaired the three group meetings last year and whose department has overall responsibility for the Decade of Commemorations, issued a statement: ‘Glasnevin cemetery is a private operation and does not come under the remit of the department. But my understanding is that no names have been added to the plaques you refer to in recent years and there are no plans to do so this year.’

A source close to Taoiseach Leo Varadkar was last night alive to the political ramifications of this project proceeding in the wake of the current controversy over the commemoration of the RIC, saying Black and Tans wall plan ‘will not see the light of day’.

Ms Madigan’s spokesman also denied there were any plans to commemorate the Black and Tans.

‘No, Minister Madigan categorically did not confirm that the Black and Tans and Auxiliaries were to be commemorated at that meeting or at any other time,’ he said.

The pivotal and most contentious meeting of the group was held in the Department of the Taoiseach on April 3 last year. There have been many rows over inadequate minute-taking at the group’s meetings. Indeed at the meeting immediately following the April 3 meeting, Item 1 referred to the minutes.

It said: ‘A number of amendments were proposed to the circulated draft minutes of the 3rd of April meeting.’

On the second page of the contested minutes of the April 3 meeting, which have been seen by, it states ‘A number of specific themes were considered at this meeting…’

One of the themes was ‘Appropriately acknowledging the role of the Royal Irish Constabulary and the Dublin Metropolitan Police’.

It is from this point, under the supervision of the minister, that the plan for the now deferred commemoration of the RIC grew. Elsewhere in the minutes it says: ‘Minister Madigan re-iterated that she was very aware of the challenges to be faced in remembering… the significant events that took place between 1919 and 1923, and remembering all of those who lost their lives during this time.’

Mr Daly says that at this point he intervened. ‘I said, “Will that include the Black and Tans and the Auxiliaries?” He says Ms Madigan replied: ‘Well it would.’

Mr Daly told ‘We had huge rows then over the minutes. I said, “The way minutes are being written here it looks like people are agreeing to what you are proposing. You are not acknowledging anyone’s concerns”.’

Pictured – Sen. Mark Daly – co-founder of the Thomas F.Meagher Foundation, Niall O’Callaghan – MD Shannon Heritage, Aline Fitzgerald – General Manager GPO Witness History, Rev Michael Cavanagh – Chair Thomas F. Meagher Foundation. The first ever permanent exhibition on the Irish Flag was opened Friday 23rd February 2019 by An Ceann Comhairle Sean O Fearghail at an event at GPO Witness History visitor centre in Dublin, to commemorate the 170th anniversary of the first flying of the Irish Tricolour Pic: Collins

He says a ‘massive row’ then broke out over whether the Black and Tans and Auxiliaries would be commemorated.

The disputed minutes of the meeting include among those present: ‘Chair: Josepha Madigan. Members: Éamon Ó Cuív, Aengus Ó Snodaigh, Maureen O’Sullivan, Catherine Murphy and Senator Mark Daly.’

Dr Maurice Manning and Dr Martin Mansergh from the Expert Advisory Committee on Commemorations were also present. Ms Madigan, who was elected a TD in 2016, has also chaired meetings of the Commemoration Committee where Mr Ó’Snodaigh, Mr Ó’Cuív and Mr Daly warned against plans to commemorate the RIC.

Last night, committee members were critical of Ms Madigan’s performance. Many blamed inadequate minute-taking on the disagreements that have ensued.

‘The minutes,’ said Mr Ó Snodaigh, ‘never reflect what was said. Half our meetings are usually taken up with Mark or myself trying to clarify or correct something. It usually never gets done and we end up having to move on or the minister throws a strop and moves on.’


JULY 12, 2018: THE Expert Advisory Committee on Centenary Commemorations provides a guidance document to support the State’s approach to the remembrance of significant historical events.

APRIL 3, 2019: MEETING of All-Party Consultation Group on Commemorations where, according to Senator Mark Daly, the discussion about carving the names of Black and Tans and Auxiliaries who died in the War of Independence is discussed.

JANUARY 1, 2020: THE Irish Times reports that the Government is to commemorate the RIC and Dublin Metropolitan Police (DMP) at Dublin Castle on January 17.

JANUARY 2, 2020: CULTURE Minister Josepha Madigan releases details of the ‘Decade of Centenaries programme for 2020’. It does not mention the RIC commemoration.

JANUARY 5, 2020: LEO VARADKAR says he is ‘disappointed to hear some people are going to boycott the event’.

JANUARY 6, 2020: UNDATED invitations are delivered to all members of the Oireachtas inviting them to the commemoration. Invitations to other invitees were reportedly sent out before Christmas, and to council mayors on January 3.

JANUARY 6, 2020: JUSTICE Minister Charlie Flanagan issues a statement saying: ‘As part of the Decade of Centenaries (2012-2023), under the guidance of the Expert Advisory Group on Centenary Commemoration, I, on behalf of the Government, will host an event to commemorate the place of the Royal Irish Constabulary and Dublin Metropolitan Police in Irish History.’ JANUARY 7, 2020: IRISH historian and member of the Expert Advisory Group Diarmaid Ferriter says the EAG did not recommend the planned event.

JANUARY 7, 2020: MICHEÁL MARTIN describes the commemoration as an ‘error in judgement’ that is ‘not the appropriate vehicle to explore such complex themes’.

JANUARY 7, 2020: MR FLANAGAN ‘defers’ the commemoration following pressure from politicians and the public.

JANUARY 10, 2020: MR VARADKAR declines to comment when asked about renewed success of the rebel song Come Out Ye Black And Tans in the iTunes music charts, or the prospect of having the deferred commemoration before the general election saying: ‘I’ve no more to say on that than I’ve already said.’

Fine Gael known as the Blue Shirts will want to forget the week gone by.  But now, a General Election, is a matter of days away and Politics will turn dirty and aberrant.  Flanagan must have missed all his history classes and Leo instead of doing history did classes in yoga, ego dance lessons and 40 ft jumps.  Well now the jump he is facing is the one out of the chair of Taoiseach.  This party or may I say Government of Clowns never won an election.  Leo the Lioness took the mantle from Dame Enda, known as the Charity cross-dresser and this is the real Ship of Fools who have been running this country for almost three years now.  Let me put this another way – running this country into the ground.  The legacy of this Government is too much to write about and I mean all the disasters that they have created.  The main two Muppets being Harris (Health) and Murphy (Housing).  No other party would employ them as tea-bag boys.  One of our citizens died this week, the person was found on a trolley and they had a broken back.  In another country, a Minister in charge would face a criminal court.  Now we have Josepha Madigan, who is obsessed with the Royal Family and all that is British.  It is alleged that in the last three years she has joined her Unionist friends on the 12th and marched with the Sash around her neck up the Shankhill Road and she stopped off on the way back down South and bought English mutton at the Shankhill butchers.  Again I must repeat this is alleged. 

Josepha is unique.  She wouldn’t know a line of history from the recent Troubles from 1968 to 1997.  I will put it a different way.  Leo made a grave mistake in placing her into the portfolio of Arts and Culture; it would be like asking Woody Allen to take up professional boxing.  Josepha just doesn’t have the knowledge and understanding for this role but she has a level of deviance in making sure her constituents don’t have a Methadone clinic in her area and it is also alleged she refers to the addicts as “Trash”.  If this is true, it is a shocking statement from a Government minister.  Ms.  Madigan was also involved in the SwingGate scandal and got off side pronto.  These last ten days have made Charlie Flanagan look like a turkey at a Foxes’ Wedding; it makes Leo look like a Tipperary culchie asking the waiter is vindaloop a parish outside Blacksod Bay.  Madigan has a gift of causing fucking mayhem and then running down the yellow brick road for safety. 

Back to reality.  Our country is in a state of uncertainty pre Brexit and yet in the 2020 (one hundred years on, we are still fighting the Black and Tans) while Adams is going around sporting a crop of hair like Black Beauty and looking more and more each day like Sigmund Freud minus the AK 49.  In the meantime, a man who is convinced he never had to change his boxing shorts in 30 years because he is a legend in his own mind.  This man is Fintan O’Toole: the bus driver’s son who claims he reached maturity at the age of five while the rest of us have engaged with lifelong learning.  Fintan who has an obsession with Winston Churchill and Maggie Thatcher as his idol could be called a clown.  When he writes, he believes he has the mind of Leonardo D’Vinci after four bottles of wine.  O’Toole is a media puppet who dreams each night of dating Meryl Street near the docks.  What I am trying to say, in my opinion, he is a total idiot to accuse the Irish people of not being mature, while he walks to work in the morning, with his Louis Copeland suit and Tory top hat and brolly.  I will close by saying that if Fianna Fail every needed Leadership, the time is now and we need more men like John McGuinness to get the Blue Shirts out and to get a new coalition in who have compassion and empathy to all people especially our most vulnerable.  If ever Fianna Fail needed advice on how to structure a deal before and during this election, Micheal Martin should phone Bertie Ahern because unlike Kenny and the Blue Shirts, no matter what are/were his failings, he was the man from the Republic who brought Peace to this Island – yes, the Good Friday Agreement 1998.  Fred

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