The Muppets Madigan and Flanagan (Fine Gael) are keeping a very low profile after the Black and Tans Circus. Homelessness is their Greatest legacy of complete Failure. A child eating his dinner, from cardboard on a Dublin Street, shocked millions across the world.

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Moth balled.  Ireland and their Commemoration team of cross party representatives should have done a little research.  The Famine was a major catastrophe caused  to a large part by the greed of our colonial masters.  When President Mary Robinson visited the UK to meet the Queen and Prime Minister John Major, among others, it was decided to “let sleeping dogs lie”.  To mention the Famine, would quite rightly mean, that the Irish people would justify their fight in the North of Ireland against the Unionists and would also seek reparations from the British for the abuse and terror wreaked by 700 years of Colonial Rule.  Wisdom and experience is summed up in these words which Mr Flanagan’s team should have considered.  We must never forget the absentee landlords who left Ireland for London and lived like Kings and Queens but now in 2020 we still have landlords in Ireland, and increasing rents beyond what is acceptable.  What has changed?  It is summed up in Black47 film.  It is appropriate to add that we have moved ahead to Vulture funds ie private equity companies who are the new landlords and have yet to show us how they will treat their “tenants”.

“Is it sensible to be doing this at any time, and especially during President Robinson’s visit to which it would introduce controversy? The Unionists are unlikely to sympathise; and Nationalist appetites seem more likely to be whetted than allayed. The prime minister would rather therefore that the proposal were not for the moment pursued. He would certainly not plan to attend himself.”

Hope at last, after three years, there is a return to Stormont:-

Beyonce, Boris Johnson, Putin, Nigel Farage, Russell Brand and Andy Murray all get the Spitting Image treatment from Newzoids

Stormont is up and running, Boris and Michelle O’Neill look very cosy? Cummings strategists who is looking for ‘weirdos’ to replace the bureaucrats at No 10; and the other three look a bit like the weirdos that Cummings is looking for.

Team who have a sense of duty that the Black and Tans; RIC and Dublin Metropolitan Police need to be recognised for their contribution to the history of Ireland.  Brave and Bold Irish men. women and children achieved Independence 100 years ago.  People Power said “No” then to colonial occupation and they say No now to the Flanagan/Madigan duo of let’s represent the Black and Tans, RIC, and Dublin Metropolitan Police.  The RIC stood by in Galway and towns across Ireland, while the Black and Tans slaughtered innocent Irish people.  Read Ger Colleran’s article in the Sunday Mail.  One RIC officer became a Catholic bishop?

Vote Yes: Meath councillor Sharon Tolan, Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan, Culture Minister Josepha Madigan, and advocate Lisa Hughes at the launch of Fine Gael’s campaign for a Yes vote. Photo: Doug O’Connor1
Vote Yes: Meath councillor Sharon Tolan, Justice Minister Charlie
Flanagan, Culture Minister

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