This sacked and Convicted female former Garda; and sentence in Prison served, wants her Job back. Where are we going here, she needs help, the Arrogance is Scary?

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Dismissed garda seeks bid to legally challenge decision

Ex-garda Evelyn Doherty
Ex-garda Evelyn Doherty

A former detective sergeant who was dismissed from An Garda Siochana last October has gone to court seeking to legally challenge her dismissal.

Evelyn Doherty was sacked after serving in the force for 28 years. She worked in the Crime and Security Section of An Garda Siochana.

In 2017, she was found guilty by a jury in Dublin Circuit Criminal Court of harassing a State solicitor by sending abusive letters between September 2011 and March 2013. Ms Doherty denied all charges.

She was acquitted by the jury of two counts of making false statements. She was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment, but the balance of her sentence was last year suspended by the Court of Appeal.

Ms Doherty (52) of Sandyford, Dublin, who has a case before the Supreme Court, now wants her dismissal overturned.

In an affidavit, she said she is seeking a judicial review of the Garda Commissioner’s decision and claims her rights have been allegedly breached.

She was suspended with pay in October 2013 and, in August 2018, she claims her wages were stopped.

She claims from August 2018 to October 2019, she was suspended without pay and claims it was without a justified explanation to herself or her solicitor.

She said documentation from the Garda Commissioner in October last year stated she had not replied to his letter requesting a submission as to why he should not sack her.

She claims she posted a submission to the Commissioner in July 2019.

She said her submission was sent again by email to the Commissioner but she was dismissed two days later on October 16, 2019.


In the High Court yesterday, Ms Doherty told the court she also wanted property returned to her, including laptops which she said had been seized by gardai seven years ago.

She also said she was seeking reinstatement until her case before the Supreme Court is finalised.

Mr Justice Charles Meenan told Ms Doherty to put the Garda Commissioner on notice of the application.

The case will come back before the court at a later date.

Ms. Doherty wants her job back as a senior detective; she was convicted of harassing the first cousin of Brendan Howlin, Leader of the Labour party.  As the article above states, she made the female solicitor’s life a living hell with harassment of leaving leaflets on cars with messages of pure hatred and contempt.  Ms. Doherty also had the neighbour’s house searched and the young boy was almost stitched up for drugs.  There is little more I can say about this but I cannot believe that the courts would even hear the application.  I repeat her arrogance is Scary.  Fred.


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