Why are some members of this Shameless outgoing Government not before the Criminal Courts for the Abuse and Neglect of our Vulnerable and Elderly?

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Fred Bassett’s Manifesto

Election:  8th February 2020


Elderly homeless woman pictured eating food from windowsill in Dublin city.  Where is the Duty of care?  Negligence prevails and common decency and compassion has left Ireland bereft and our people are suffering from poverty?

One volunteer posted the heartbreaking image online


An elderly homeless woman has been pictured eating food from a windowsill in Dublin’s city centre.

The Homeless Street Cafe, a volunteer group that provides food, clothes and toiletries on Grafton St to poverty-stricken people have said they watch this woman looking for food every week.

One volunteer posted the heartbreaking image online and said it’s horrifying to witness the hungry elderly.

The post read: “People always want to talk to us about the children we meet and how sad that is.

“If I’m honest I find the older generation that use our service even more heartbreaking.

“It seems there is no time left for change for them, a dearth of hope really.

An elderly homeless woman pictured eating food from a windowsill in Dublin

“To be living in food or heat poverty at their age, relying on a soup kitchen for necessities is horrifying to witness.

“I watch this woman eat her meal from a plastic bowl on a window sill every week and I despair that this is her ‘golden years’.”

The group of volunteers take to Grafton St between 8pm and 11pm every Tuesday night and were also the charity that first found Sam, the five-year-old homeless boy who ate his dinner from cardboard on the streets.

The volunteers have said the reality on the ground is now “beyond crisis” and has called on the public to vote for a “radical change” in the upcoming General Election.

The post continued: “Tonight was essentially a “successful” night for us.

“We had food for everyone, lots of clothes and toiletries and even treats for most people.

“Our volunteers looked after our service users and our cooks and bakers outdid themselves.

“But even on your best night it’s nothing but a plaster or a band aid on what is just a horrific wound.

“This issue is beyond crisis.

“Please vote with these people in mind on the 8th, the current government has failed miserably while claiming to be successful, time for radical change!”

Our people are left to die on Irish Streets, while this Shameless outgoing Government are going door to door telling people the country is Thriving, I got news for all of you, we are sinking in Debt, and this is before the Brexit thundering roar of the hurricane hits Ireland, the Republic and the six counties who are now in Brexit mode but we must not forget the majority of that population voted to remain in EU. Leo is the most failed Taoiseach in the State’s history, and the Clowns around him, are to put in bluntly, his Sycophants. FF cannot wash their hands of this level of degradation either because they kept Varadkar and the clowns in power with the infamous COSY DEAL.  Could Micheal Martin explain to me and his BuzzerGate men and women what is so cosy to see lonely, hungry, elderly Irish woman each week at the same time eating off a windowsill as charity food is provided?  Before I conclude today and it is only alleged from the west that Lisa Chambers FF is expecting her first baby – I want to wish her and her partner Councillor Funnily from Killala the very best.  I know it is Lisa’s first baby but I cannot say the same for the councillor.  I wish them the very best.  If so, it is a cross-party baby.  Fred 

and just when we thought it could not get worse: we are told a woman is dead, she is only in her twenties and she went to stay in a hostel (these hostels that so many of the homeless will not go to blaming the drug culture, rowdy behaviour, cramped conditions, theft and being unsafe).



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