A Young kid, Captured, Tortured, and Sliced up. Ireland is losing the War against Gangland. Jim O Callaghan wants the old Emergency Powers back. Irish People must say No to this. Gardai used and Abused those Powers in the 1970’s. We need a Collective Team of People to sit down and plan a Strategic Response, but first the Gardai need to regain the Trust of the people, especially the Young.

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Fred Bassett’s Manifesto


8th February 2020


Suspect in Keane Mulready-Woods murder case threatened to kill another man before horrific incident

The Irish Mirror has obtained a tape of the suspect vowing to “put a bullet in the head” of the man involved

06:00, 18 JAN 2020

Locals in Drogheda react to the gruesome murder of teenager Keane Mulready-Woods

The main suspect for the murder and dismemberment of teenager Keane Mulready-Woods threatened to murder another man shortly before the savage killing.

The Irish Mirror has obtained a tape of the suspect vowing to “put a bullet in the head” of the man involved.

The target was so terrified by the threats and the firebombing of his house in Drogheda, Co Louth, he was forced to flee the country.

A video recording of the call from the notorious criminal to his terrified victim is now circulating. It is understood the man who murdered and butchered 17-year-old Keane has been involved in a number of serious crimes in the town.

A pal of the threatened man said the suspect involved is a “savage” who should be behind bars.

Keane Mulready-Woods on his scrambler bike

He added: “He threatened my friend and we have it on video. He said he was going to put a bullet in his head and you can hear him saying it.

“He was going around threatening other people as well and then he killed poor Keane.”

It is also believed the suspect, who has himself escaped a number of murder bids, was also behind a spate of firebombings in the Drogheda area. Meanwhile, gardai continued to search the house in Rathmullen Park in the town where Keane was murdered and dismembered last Sunday night.

A number of items were removed by officers in evidence bags yesterday and it is understood several knives have been retrieved from the property.

A source said: “It’s still an evidence-gathering exercise and while there will not be an imminent arrest it is only a matter of time before there will be at least one.”

Keane’s psychotic killers dumped his arms and legs in a holdall near a rival gangster’s home in Moatview estate in Coolock, North Dublin, on Monday night. Then, at around 1.30am on Wednesday morning, Keane’s head and hands were discovered in a burning car in Drumcondra.

Tragic Irish teen Keane Mulready-Woods (left) and (right) Gardai remove the vehicle on Trinity Terrace, Drumcondra, Dublin where human body parts were found in a burned out car (Image: Collins Photo Agency)

Detectives were yesterday looking for the torso of the tragic teen and were searching an area near where a serious gang rival lives on the Louth/Meath border.

Tensions are still running high in Drogheda as gardai fear reprisals for the murder of the teenager which has shocked the nation.

It is understood Keane was abducted in the Ballsgrove area of the town and taken to the house in Rathmullen where he was tortured, murdered and his body dismembered.

It is believed he knew his life was in danger but did not realise the main threat came from the man who murdered him.

Detectives warned Keane on January 5 his life was in danger and had even issued him an offical form stating so.

Gardai have mounted extra patrols in the town for the weekend and the Armed Response Units are on high alert.

The source added: “Everything that can be done is being done. There are extra patrols along with routine ones and there is back-up there if needed.”

Keane Mulready-Woods

The intensive murder investigation team, led by experienced Garda Chief Supt Christy Mangan, are confident of bringing Keane’s evil killers to justice.

Gardai also confirmed body parts found in a car in Dublin on Wednesday have been confirmed to be those of the teenager.

A spokesman said: “An Garda Siochana, investigating the murder of Keane Mulready-Woods have received confirmation from Forensic Science Ireland the partial human remains discovered at Trinity Terrace, on January 15 are those of Keane Mulready-Woods.

“The family have been informed.”

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Yesterday Varadkar and his motley crew eventually reached Drogheda.  Let us all get real here now.  Do you think they would be in Drogheda yesterday if there was no election pending because if you do you would be a Fool.  This Government of Lawlessness and Disorder are now being publicly shamed on the doorsteps during the canvassing re the election on 8th February 2020.  Listening to the people of Drogheda online and on various other radio stations in the last week, they are living in fear and as one woman said, Drogheda is under a cloud of evil darkness because Gangland literally run the town and the Gardai with the response unit are not up to the task.  As I said above, we need a collective strategic plan, across the country to tackle the worrying increase of gruesome murders, serious assaults, murder by the knife culture, the young student in Cork who lost his life because he merely refused to let thugs into a private party.  It is hard to imagine the young engineering student was murdered in cold blood in front of his friends.  I have written on this blog again and again that Ireland is under a cloud of lawlessness from Bohola in Mayo, to Dublin, to Cork and Longford and we cannot forget the other Feuds in Sligo, Limerick and Waterford.  For such a small country we are nearly on par with the number of homicides to New Jersey and New York.  My heart goes out to the families of all these young men who take the wrong path in life and end up shot, butchered and disgarded like trash in laneways and sadly a young law abiding student in Cork murdered because he said “No” to a gang of thugs.  Where did it all go wrong for Varadkar and Flanagan.  Well this is simple.  They allowed the Gardai too much freedom and the result of  is Lack of Leadership, Lack of Discipline and most certainly Lack of Training to tackle the worse type of criminal activity this country as experienced in the last 30 years.  We have had Garda Scandal after Scandal for the past number of years.  Now the people of Ireland urgently a proper Police Force that they can Trust but more importantly we need Community Policing where the Gardai are visible and where the people can walk the streets across Ireland and see the Gardai on the beat not in the squad cars not detached from Society or Reality.  By the way, just coming in there have been two more shootings in Clare last night; and also news of a Feud erupting in Waterford city.  Fred 

Latest news:  It was in the media in 2014 that £500 million was sent in remittances to Africa.  Nobody seemed bothered.  It was in the media in 2019 and there was a little more discussion and the message was that the amount of £500,000 million was inaccurate and it could not happen in Ireland.  Last night reports of a Nigerian gang in Waterford, stretching into Wexford and Tipperary are engaged in torture, money lending, illegal drugs trade.  Wake up time:  These Foreign Gangs are using Ireland as a money laundering easy ride for their trade.  Read this link and well done to the Journal.ie for proper investigative journalism.  Ireland is a Sleepy Hollow Den of Iniquity where £500 million leaves our shore in remittances to Africa and we cannot confirm if this is true or not.  https://www.thejournal.ie/waterford-gang-drug-dealers-3392127-May2017/  The Race Card is used to much.  I have seen Irish people on buses being called white trash and scum and yet they have no redress in their own country.  Fred  

Addendum and suggestion:

Cocaine, Heroin, Marijuana – who are the buyers?  People who buy are creating the market that in turn creates this Gang Feud Drug Culture in Ireland and people are losing their lives, are being threatened to pay sums of money to Drug Lords via their networks and unrelenting crime is now beyond control by An Garda Siochana.  Some countries monitor more carefully their employees and monitor if they their employees are taking certain illegal, mind altering drugs.  The EU have stated rules: https://blog.cansfordlabs.co.uk/workplace-drug-testing-rules-around-europe  However Ireland via the Labour Court and the Irish Council for Civil Liberties are against this process.  It changes from country to country but as the drug crisis becomes more entrenched on our Island, we may need to review our position about illegal drugs and testing in the workplace.  In certain countries if an employee is found with illegal substances in their blood test, they are given an option of Rehab on the first occasion and thereafter they lose their job.  Reckless behaviour exists at every level and this link gives an example of 7 specifically trained and educate men in charge of a submarine carrying Tomahawk missiles and their total disregard for their fellow human beings:  https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/04/14/royal-navy-sailors-kicked-submarine-testing-positive-cocaine/ 

Education essential:  This is a BBC warning to people who get hooked on cocaine.  70% of Cocaine is sourced as indicated in this link https://twitter.com/i/status/1218476240845393920 comes from Colombia and involves in many cases child labour.  Being aware is vital:  We are not only importing cocaine but we are facilitating the violence it causes in society.  Keane Mulready-Woods was only 17 years old; he looks so innocent but somehow he became trapped in crime and persecution of many who formed part of this illegal drug culture and not forgetting their families who often are the innocent victims left to cope with the chaos created by drug culture.  40 years as a doctor in A&E (Accident and Emergency) in UK and Ireland:  Dr Luke explains the connection between Cocaine and Violence … a sense of euphoria which if found in a person who has psychopathic/sociopathic traits is a fatal combination for society.  https://www.irishexaminer.com/breakingnews/ireland/cocaine-is-almost-synonymous-with-grotesque-violence-says-er-specialist-976081.html 

Fred says it has been very long day so it is time for bed…


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