Gardai in Drogheda are now becoming targets to the Drug Thugs. All Gardai have been warned for their personal safety. This Government outgoing or incoming, should wake up and realise now it is Gang Warfare between the State and these Gangs, across the Island of Ireland.

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Fred Bassett’s Manifesto

Election 8th February 2020


Tuesday 21 January 2020

Drogheda gardaí warned over safety as officer tailed home by gangsters

Keane Mulready-Woods 1
Keane Mulready-Woods


All gardaí working in Drogheda garda station have been formally warned to be extra vigilant of their safety after a car containing feuding gang members followed an officer’s car as he drove home.

The sinister incident happened just days before Keane Mulready-Woods (17) was abducted and savagely murdered on Sunday night of last week.

The same gang which is suspected of murdering the tragic teenager is also suspected of attempting to follow the garda from Drogheda town centre to his rural home after he finished work.

Sources told the Irish Independent that the garda noticed a “high-powered vehicle” following him and he reported it to his colleagues, who sped to the scene on the outskirts of Drogheda.

Officers stopped the car and searched the vehicle, as well as questioning its three male occupants.

All have links to the anti-Maguire side of the Drogheda feud, which has been at war with paralysed gang boss Owen Maguire and his associates.

Two of the men have Dublin addresses and a third is from Drogheda.

Gardaí found nothing of evidential value in their car and made no arrests.

However, the incident has sparked major security concerns, and a senior officer emailed gardaí to warn them to be extra careful about their personal security.

Gardaí investigating the out-of-control feud have previously been threatened.

In December 2018, detectives launched an investigation after officers received “credible intelligence” that criminals from the same gang were planning that two gardaí involved in investigating the Drogheda feud were to be shot dead in a sinister plot.

The threats were made in a phone call to Cloverhill Prison, where a number of the feuding gangsters were on remand at the time, after being charged in relation to feud-related incidents.

Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan said at the time that any threats against any member of An Garda Síochána were “utterly unacceptable”.

Meanwhile, a close associate of feud murder victim Keith Branigan is suspected of destroying evidence at the home where gardaí believe Keane Mulready-Woods was murdered.

The home of the suspect, aged in his 50s, has been searched as part of the investigation into the killing and dismemberment of the teenager.

His remains were recovered in different parts of Dublin last week but his torso has still not been found.

Gardaí believe they have identified the house where he was murdered and have completed a forensic examination of the scene.

However, detectives suspect a man with close links to murdered Keith Branigan helped the gang involved and destroyed vital evidence in the aftermath of the crime.

Furniture belonging to the man was found burnt in a green area close to his home, while burnt clothing was also recovered.

A source said the suspect was very closely linked to Branigan.

“A large amount of evidence has been recovered from this man’s home and he is very much suspected of helping the gang who carried out the murder.

“He has known links to the anti-Maguire group and would be considered a trusted member of the crime group,” the source added.

Branigan (29) was the first fatality of the Drogheda feud when he was gunned down in a caravan park in Clogherhead on August 27.

To read the above article, it shows that these Drug Thugs have no fear of this Government, the Gardai, or Law and Order.  To pursue and stalk an off-duty Garda officer on his way home to his wife and family is a frightening thoughts.  Can you imagine the people of Drogheda reading this today and feeling really vulnerable in their own homes.  Varadkar and this Government, in my opinion, have left the people of Drogheda, to the mercy of these Thugs for too long.  The people of Drogheda live in fear, daily and throughout the night not knowing when a shooting will take place in their estate or a house is firebombed.  Once a quiet town has turned into something like you would see in a Mad Max movie and as I said before an Armed Response Unit are only part of the answer.  There should be more Gardai on the beat; more community policing and one more suggestion – there should be a roster where the Gardai based at Drogheda for a number of years should have a change of scenery.  For example:  send 20 officers for three months up from South Dublin eg The Gardai in Donnybrook and Irishtown who probably witness the odd car crash and house burglaries and give them a taste as to what it is like on the frontline against gangsters carrying guns.  At this stage I would say some Gardai in Drogheda would need a rest from the pressures of stress and worry, not just for their own safety but also for their families.  A few months in a nice cosy station in South Dublin would alleviate that stress and prime them to return.  Again I repeat it is a shocking sinister ploy to pursue a Garda on his way home after his shift.  To be continued:  Fred

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