Ian Bailey: Irish Law in the Dock as French have found him Guilty and seek his extradition to serve 25 year sentence that their Inquisitorial court have imposed; with involvement and evidence from their Police. How does France 24 report?

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Michael Clifford: Is Irish criminal justice now on trial?

Fred is furious with the French.  Irish Sovereignty and the Irish Legal system is most definitely in the Dock in relation to the Ian Bailey case.  The Gardai of the Irish Republic could produce no evidence for the DPP to establish a case against Ian Bailey in an Irish Court.  As far as the Irish Justice system is concerned, Ian Bailey is an innocent man.  On the other side of this high profile international case, the French have taken it upon themselves to hold their own trial without Ian Bailey’s presence, without a proper defence; without a Jury: the French Authorities have given no recognition to the DPP in Ireland which uses the 50/50 rule which determined if there was insufficient evidence in the Bailey case to be put forward for trial.  The Judicial decision in France passed down a sentence of 25 years imprisonment to Ian Bailey.  The current status of Ian Bailey in Ireland is that he is innocent but his current status in France ironically makes him a convicted murderer awaiting extradition under their Napoleonic law.  This case over the next few months will test the Sovereignty and the Independence of our legal system. 

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