If Drogheda is fully secured by Armed Garda Units, how did the Thugs kill the 17 year old Deane Mulready-Woods in the town and drive to Coolock, dump the body parts without the notice of a single Garda patrolling car, something not right here? The Thugs seem to come, shoot, and Flee on a Whim.

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Family of murdered Keane Mulready-Woods finding it ‘very difficult’ to organise funeral with son’s remains still missing

GARDA Chief Supt Christy Mangan has said that it is “very difficult” for the family of murdered Keane Mulready-Woods to plan his funeral while some of his remains are still missing.

The 17-year-old’s severed head was discovered inside a burning Volvo hatch-back on a laneway near Croke Park in the early hours of January 15.

 Murdered Keane Mulready-Woods
Murdered Keane Mulready-Woods
 Some of the 17-year-old's remains were found in a               burnt out car in Drumcondra
Some of the 17-year-old’s remains were found in a burnt out car in DrumcondraCredit: PA:Press Association
 Garda Chief Superintendent Christy Mangan
Garda Chief Superintendent Christy ManganCredit: Crispin Rodwell – The Sun Dublin

Other body parts belonging to the teenager were found dumped in a sports bag in the Coolock area two days previous on January 13.

However, the teenager’s torso is still yet to be recovered.

At present, the chief suspects of the grizzly crime are the mob led by a psychopath at war with Owen Maguire’s associates in Drogheda and the Mr Big gang in Coolock.


Speaking this morning on the Micheal Reade Show on LMFM, Garda Mangan said: “Unfortunately there are missing remains which makes it very very difficult for Keane’s family.

“Obviously they are endeavouring to plan for a funeral, that’s not easy when all of the remains of Keane are not there.

“That’s a very sensitive issue and we’re dealing with the family in relation to that.

“This is obviously a horrific murder.”


Garda Mangan also said that Gardai believe that Keane was murdered in Drogheda, before his remains were transferred to several locations.

He said: “We would suspect that Keane was killed in Drogheda.

“We’re trying to narrow down the exact time period it happened.


“But we would be satisfied that Keane was murdered in the Drogheda area and then his remains were transported to other locations in Dublin.

“So that takes a certain level of support by a number of people.

“You have to question whether somebody could do that on their own or do they need logistical support?”

Mr Mangan explained that the investigation into the murder, is one that straddles over three divisions.


He continued: “We’re little over a week into the murder investigation.

“Obviously it straddles across three divisions, into Coolock and then back out to the Mount Joy/Store Street area.

“So we have a very major investigation with the three detective divisions involved and a considerable number of officers involved in carrying out house to house enquiries – our normal investigative strategies such as witness interviews and obviously a number of crime scenes that required examination and they will be followed up with the normal forensic testing.

“There were a number of vehicles involved.


“We had a Volvo involved and that obviously was driven across a number of divisions and CCTV is a very important facet of the investigation.”

“We are building up a picture of when Keane left his home, when he left his Mam and his family.

“So we are aware of certain areas he may have been in in Drogheda and we’re obviously drawing up a very strong picture of what he was at.”


The Chief Superintendent added that it is important that members of the community reach out to Gardai with any information they may have on what happened.

“We do need the support of the community and we do need the community to give us the information.”

When asked if he reckons the shooting of an innocent Drogheda taxi driver last week was a revenge hit for the murder of Keane, Gda Mangan said: “Obviously that’s one line of enquiry that we would look at.”

The target in the shooting was a frontseat passenger in the vehicle but the gunman missed when he pulled the trigger twice, with both bullets going through the front seat, into innocent taxi driver John Myles’ back.

Gda Mangan added: “We’re obviously conducting a major investigation in relation to that.”

We all hope and pray the body parts will be found, and the family of Keane Mulready-Woods can be given a Dignified Funeral. We live in hope for his family.



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