People are starting to let this Government know, the Pain, Misery, the extent of Anger across the country about our Forgotten people, the Homeless. Only for the Great Compassion of the Volunteers many more people would be dead on Irish lonely streets and Parks?

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General Election 2020 – Disgruntled homeowner slams Fine Gael government and party leaders with placards in his garden

A DISGRUNTLED homeowner has made his feelings on the government and upcoming General Election known – with a number of strongly worded placards in his garden.

The garden in Carrigaline in Cork is full of signs which warn that Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and Labour are not welcome and that Tulsa is a “shambles”.

 The garden in Carrigaline in the Rebel County is full             of signs

The garden in Carrigaline in the Rebel County is full of signs Credit: Alamy Live News

 A 'hospital trolley' in the Cork man's garden

A ‘hospital trolley’ in the Cork man’s gardenCredit: Alamy Live News

The homeowner also placed a number of items in the garden to showcase what they believe represents Fine Gael’s Ireland – including a person lying on a A&E trolley with a sign saying ‘too late’.

A sign with statistics about the homelessness crisis in Ireland is placed in front of a green text.

A toy tractor, which is believed to represent the dispute with farmers and the government over the price of beef, is located in the middle of the garden.

A sign reads: “Sorry for nagging folks. They did give us stuff. Property tax, household charge, family income tax, broadcasting charge, increased PRSI, USC, forced evictions.”


The sign ends with the words “Thanks Leo, Simon, parasites”.

Another sign in the garden has a picture of the Labour leader, the Fianna Fail boss and the Taoiseach Leo Varadkar which labels them traitors.

A message below their pictures says: “Let’s show traitors who we the Irish support”.

The sign also touches on the deferred RIC constabulary commemoration which caused controversy earlier this month.


It comes as Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin confirmed his party had ruled out a “grand coalition” with major rivals Fine Gael.

Martin said this morning that his party was interested in creating a new government with other “centre” parties such as Labour and the Greens.

Fred says:  The above is a brilliant piece from a Corkonian.  It sums up the state at the moment and where this country is going.  Sadly the message is that compassion is missing.  This week I witnessed a man so low in himself because his medical card has been suspended by some little Idiot in the HSE over a little pension he receives from England of £40 a month.  This little pension has no bearing on his medical card but yet the bureaucrats in the HSE demanded he get a hard copy letter from the DWP in England to clarify his financial standing.  This man is in his late seventies and has paid 60 years of tax to this country called Ireland, the land who forgets their own hard working people.  I ask today why is this allowed and I also ask why this man has been in purgatory for the past two months in relation to his medical card and then when you add to this his wife being in a nursing home with the early stages of dementia, it makes you realise that life does not get easier as you age.  The other night watching the streets of Dublin and the queues of people waiting for a hot meal with their children, was like something you would have seen in Biafra in the 1970’s.  This country is a three tier society and it needs a major shake-up and the so-called elites of Dublin 4 and Foxrock with their locked gates and their pretence of being Catholic deeply sickens me and offends the compassion that is lost among the minority who believe they over-rule the majority in this country.  I say today to give is a gift:  To Take relentlessly is pure greed and at the end as one wise man said “I just left the graveyard and there was one line of graves and there lay in peace the traveller man, the sergeant, the solicitor, the doctor, the judge and of course the socialite.  TS Eliot was correct:  “Death the Leveller”.  Fred

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  1. How many more Politicians are taking drugs, keep up the writing Fred, people need to know the facts, well done re the blog,


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