Zappone: what is the story about witches? Where are we going here? Could the outgoing Minister for Children have some involvement in “Wicca” tradition? Did she study witchcraft?

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Children’s Minister Katherine Zappone praised by top white witch for her interest in the Wicca tradition and studying witchcraft

Zappone studied witchcraft and its power to raise the ‘psychic energy’ of participants and is reported to have been an expert in feminist spirituality before entering politics

A WHITE witch has saluted the Children’s Minister for her interest in the Wicca tradition.

Katherine Zappone, an Independent TD, has studied witchcraft and its power to raise the “psychic energy” of participants and create a more “sustainable and peaceful planet”, the Irish Sun has learned.

 Children's Minister Katherine Zappone has a history with witchcraft

Children’s Minister Katherine Zappone has a history with witchcraft  Credit: PA:Press Association

And Patricia Weston, who has written about spells and magic, says the Independent politician is more understanding and compassionate due to her exploration of the pagan tradition.

The Irish Sun tracked down a copy of her book The Hope of Wholeness: A Spirituality of Feminism, written by Zappone and first published in 1991.

There are still eight used copies and four new ones being flogged on Amazon for as little as €3.14 plus postage.

The minister is dealing with the adoption scandal after revealing last week that 126 births were wrongly registered at St Patrick’s Guild in Cork, run by the Sisters of Charity.

 Top white witch Patricia Weston has praised the Independent TD

Top white witch Patricia Weston has praised the Independent TDCredit: Garrett White – The Sun

But before she entered politics she was an expert in feminist spirituality.

Her 1991 book reveals she took part in rituals facilitated by Starhawk, a witch and neopaganism feminist, and the theologian Mary Daly.

In the opening chapter, Zappone wrote: “I have participated in Christian feminist rituals, rituals facilitated by Starhawk, and rituals with Mary Daly where we celebrated the presence of earth, fire, air and water in our lives.

“I have guided and been guided by imaginative meditations that heal others and myself.

“These, and many other personal experiences convince me of the need for both the radical transformation and the creative replacement of patriarchal sacred symbols.”

She later tells readers: “When participants share the Wiccan tradition, the underlying objective of ritual, regardless of its particular theme, has to do with raising and shaping energy or psychic power.”

 Zappone's book is still available on Amazon

Zappone’s book is still available on Amazon

And she also wrote: “Wiccan rituals begin by invoking energy from the earth and continue by calling forth the mysterious powers of Goddess and God.

“The central part, however, focuses on raising the psychic energy of its participants by inviting all to touch their own personal power, contribute to the group’s energy, and eventually return the energy to the earth.

“Often the symbols of the four elements are used to focus the thoughts and feelings of the group, and rituals usually include music, dance, chants and storytelling.

“By following this structure, Craft rituals value the immanence of Sacred power and motivate participants to use that power in creating a sustainable and peaceful planet.”

 Zappone is currently is dealing with the adoption scandal

Zappone is currently is dealing with the adoption scandal  Credit: PA:Press Association

In a nod to witchcraft, Zappone wrote: ““Theologians and witches believe that the Sacred Life Spark is within woman’s self.

“They insist that imaging the Goddess in this way is central to restoring women’s immanent worth.”

A spokesman for the minister said: “The Hope of Wholeness is a detailed study of feminist spirituality and theology, an area which Minister Zappone has lectured on in Ireland’s best universities and has been published widely.

“The book contains material from Dr. Zappone’s research into many diverse beliefs.

“Wicca rituals were examined from an ecological perspective as a part of this extensive piece of work.”

He added: “Minister Zappone does not take part in these rituals.”

Asked about this, white witch Patricia, based in Skerries, Co Dublin, told us: “We are not excluding men.

“We are just saying to tap into that divine feminine that is within our souls, that spark to ignite and move forward and be in touch with your own energy.”

Praising Zappone, the master healer and clairvoyant medium said: “Wicca doesn’t exclude anybody. It is a journey through the self, of self-discovery.


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