Read below the View of Andrew Pollax – keep the Paddies out, Ulster says No. Well Andrew times have changed. Ask that Bigot Dodds! Sinn Fein are here to stay, even Fintan O Toole accepts the Narrative here. Some wisdom is needed. Bitterness can be cured in time.

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My plea to Irish voters: don’t put Sinn Fein close to power

We in the Republic have a general election in two days, and it looks as though Sinn Fein are going to do exceptionally well. The unhappiness of people – particularly young and poor people – with the shortcomings of Fine Gael, often supported by Fianna Fail, over the past four years, is plain to see. An appalling housing and homelessness crisis, exacerbated by Fine Gael’s ideological objections to the large-scale building of public housing, and a chronically under-providing and unfair two-tier health service, are the main grievances. The left-wing populists of Sinn Fein, with their skilful leader Mary Lou McDonald (also skilful at avoiding difficult questions to do with the ugly militarism of the past) and their extravagant promises, look as if they will be the beneficiaries.

I want to sound a warning. Sinn Fein are not a normal democratic party. They have still not cast off the habits ingrained by decades of slavishly supporting a violent secret army, the Provisional IRA and its all-powerful ‘army council’. I have read that McDonald has apologised for the ‘hurt’ caused to Northern Protestants by the IRA. But I have also been at a hunger strike commemoration where she has been the keynote speaker and watched as other speakers shamelessly glorified that IRA violence. Nobody in Sinn Fein has denied Belfast journalist Sam McBride’s account in his brilliant book on the RHI ‘cash for ash’ scandal of how NI Finance Minister, Sinn Fein’s Mairtín Ó Muilleoir, asked for instructions in 2017 from very senior former IRA figures before he closed that crazy scheme down.

Fred replies to Mr Pollax!  Reading the bigoted lines above I am not surprised by Andrew but I am a bit intrigued by his genetics.  Andrew has genes from the Germans and the Czechs and yet he is proud to proclaim that he is an Irish Northern Protestant.  I have no problem with this at all and I know he is married to an Irish speaker and good luck to all.  Now back to the dirty word Politics.  Andrew, when you work for the Irish Times and when you were in London, did you ever feel a sense of that little bit of Irishness in you.  No must be the answer to this.  Now, you laid out all the attrocities above of the IRA and then you juggled in your own meaning or may I say definition of the link between the Provisionals and Mary-Lou McDonald.  I don’t understand how you would be so anti nationalist because I know you are not Republican so this leaves me to get a feeling you are proud of your Scottish Planter background.  You mentioned, as I repeat myself, that Sinn Fein are not a normal party.  Could you please explain to me the word “normal”?  Would you class Ulster pre 1967 a “normal” Democracy when the Irish Catholics, in their own country, had no vote.  When Irish mothers had to change their sons’ names from Brendan to Trevor, to get a half decent job, not to mention, the poverty and the forgotten people in West Belfast, Derry and the rest.  You see Andrew you have a convenient memory that actually feeds your Bitterness.  Today I will try to educate you and open your mind to some hard facts:-  First, Sinn Fein have arrived and over 1 million people are behind them.  Are you going to call these people Provos, IRA supporters, or anti-Prods/Brits/ or Whatever?  You see I don’t know Andrew – I am trying to understand the mindset of a planter and I know it is not your fault or the other idiot who replied to you and praised your Bitterness.  I understand Liz the First was bankrupt.  She was also the first pre House of Windsor lesbian and sadly at that time such women were burned at the stake.  Thankfully times have changed.

Now let me outline for you Ulster was not a normal Province or a normal Society pre-1967 and you know this because the B-Specials were like Nazis, then the RUC by Day and UVF by Night, and let us not forget the Miami  showband, Andrew, will we?  and for that matter the UDR?  Let us not forget Bloody Sunday and the Loughinisland massacre where one old man in his late eighties was gunned down by the UVF, supported by the RUC.  Now Andrew you know this.  Let us go a stage further.  Pat Finucane was gunned down in his own home by orders that literally came from No 10 Downing Street.  Even as I write this, the Shankhill Road and Sandy Row has not moved on from their Fred Flinstone one dimension tunnel vision.  Johnny Adair resides in some ghetto in Scotland and thankfully the Rat Wright was shot by the IRA in the prison.  These two can only be described as Sociopaths who were supported by the shady figures within RUC Special Branch.

I will close by saying I forgive your ignorance but I understand where you are coming from.  Ulster is our fourth Green Field.  SF embrace all people including the Protestants who feel they are becoming extinct.  No you are not Andrew.  You are very welcome any time in Ballymun for a game of Darts! or even a game of Black Jack.  Before I close I guess you are devout fan of the Royal Family.  What is your view on the Prince of Darkness Andrew?  Should he be fucked back to help the FBI in their inquiries?  Also your view would be appreciated on Prince Harry the supporter of Nazism in full uniform and his foreign wife, exiled in Canada but soon to be thrown out.  Isn’t he the son of  Mr Herbert and then we have Charlie and Camilia, they would make a fortune in a new version of Wanderly Wagon?  I must go now, my Scottish friend, I am late for mass and the sacraments.  The reading today is “Love your enemy” and that includes the Shinners.  Fred



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