What really is going on at Drogheda Garda Station, in the middle of a “Bloody Feud”? 2 years ago, thousands in cash went missing from this same Station and not one Garda or member of staff charged? Something Stinks here, even today’s main papers are trying to play down the missing File. This is Serious, you could call it, an Act of Betrayal. People are before the Courts for the Theft of a bar of chocolate.

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Gardaí investigate as feud file falls into hands of criminals

Investigation: Gardaí based in Drogheda, Co                   Louth, have been grappling with a vicious feud

Investigation: Gardaí based in Drogheda, Co Louth, have been grappling with a vicious feud

There are major fears of an escalation in the Drogheda feud after part of a highly-sensitive Garda document fell into criminal hands.

The Irish Independent can reveal gangsters on one side of the bitter rift have obtained confidential personal information on some of their rivals.

The partial document contains details on lower-tier members of the anti-Maguire faction and female associates of some of the leading gang members.


Fred:  This is more serious than the Keystone Cops are letting on.  Imagine if the Keystones found £1 million of illegal drugs under the head of Oliver Plunkett, they would have a host of politicians, Catherine Noone in a Garda mini-skirt; Charlie Flanagan wearing a wig; Katherine Zappone riding Shergar; and every PR stunt they could pull to look good.  Well let us return to harsh reality.  Ms Zappone is gone; Catherine Noone has a part-time job in BT’s repairing Prada handbags and Charlie Flanagan is trying for the third time Regain for hair on his head. Drogheda station should not have lost this document and again I repeat, it is being played down purposely, not to scare the people who live in fear in that town on a daily and nightly basis.  As I said above, a substantial amount of cash went missing from the same station that was to be used for evidence in an ongoing court case.  The cash was never recovered and nobody was ever charged, which technically mans that the station was a crime scene at that time as it is now with the missing sensitive file.  This is happening far too often and these are the words from Sean Sherlock, Labour TD, in Dail Eireann, he was outlining the number of Garda stations and the thousands of euros that have gone missing from said stations.  You would think, like any logical person, that the management of Drogheda Garda station, in the middle of a Feud, would be focused and have their Gardai on full alert for any wrongdoing, especially from inside the station.  I would like to know Deputy Munster’s view on this along with Labour’s Jed Nash.  Again I get the feeling it is being played down purposely and this is the wrong road to select.  There are decent Gardai in Drogheda and they must feel terribly let down by whatever sinister elements they are working with on a daily basis.  Fred 






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