Four Homeless Vulnerable people found dead in 8 days in Parks and on the mean cold Streets. This is the Legacy of Fine Gael, supported by Michael Martin FF and the Cosy Deal. Shame on all of you, Celeb Politicians, Overpaid Morons. People deserve better. Crime also is out of Control in our Republic.

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Homeless man found dead in Dublin’s Phoenix Park as charity say deaths ‘on the increase’

A HOMELESS man was found dead in Dublin’s Phoenix Park yesterday.

Gardai were called to the park at around 5.30pm on Tuesday, February 18.

 The man's body was found in the Phoenix Park on             Tuesday

The man’s body was found in the Phoenix Park on Tuesday Credit: Alamy

 Gardai have said the man's passing is being treated as             a personal tragedy

Gardai have said the man’s passing is being treated as a personal tragedy Credit: Crispin Rodwell – The Sun Dublin

The man – who was pronounced dead at the scene – had been registered with homeless services.

His passing is being treated as a personal tragedy.

A spokesperson said: “Gardai are investigating the discovery of a body in the Phoenix Park on Tuesday, 18th February 2020 which was reported at approximately 5.30pm.

“Emergency services also attended and a male was pronounced dead at the scene. The body was taken to Dublin City Mortuary.

“Investigations ongoing.”


ICHH CEO and Dublin City Councillor Anthony Flynn said that homeless deaths are “on the increase”.

He said: “This is obviously a very tragic incident and my thoughts and prayers are with the family and the person who found this man in such sorrowful circumstances.

“There are serious issues surrounding the lack of wrap-around support services available to clients who are accessing homeless services.

“The lack of supports, in general, is contributing to a system that is in complete turmoil.

“Deaths within services are on the increase.

“We need an overhaul of the system and those who are vulnerable need to be given the appropriate supports.

“There is a serious lack of empathy and compassion.”

In January, a young homeless woman died in an emergency accommodation hostel in Dublin.

The woman passed away suddenly at a hostel on Parkgate Streek on January 15.

Shocking image shows homeless boy, 5, eating dinner on the ground in Dublin


Outrage as boy, 5, snapped eating dinner on CARDBOARD in Dublin city centre

A YOUNG boy aged just five-years-old was pictured last night eating dinner on a piece of cardboard in Dublin city centre.

The shocking photo – which was shared online – comes just days after a homeless family of seven were rescued from sleeping in a north Dublin Garda Station as they had nowhere else to go.

 The young boy was snapped eating his dinner on a sheet of cardboard by The Homeless Street Cafe in Dublin

The young boy was snapped eating his dinner on a sheet of cardboard by The Homeless Street Cafe in Dublin

The picture of the young boy, given the pseudonym ‘Sam’, was shared by The Homeless Street Cafe on Facebook which operate every Tuesday night from 8-11pm on Grafton Street in Dublin.

Sharing the picture last night, the group said the shocking scene was “burned” into their minds – with many commenting that “things need to change”.


“We are home after another incredibly busy night. I’m exhausted, weary and emotional and should [guiltily] go to bed BUT there is an image burnt in all the teams’ minds tonight.

“It’s wrong and it’s distressing but this IS happening and it’s only getting worse each week.

“‘Sam’ is five and this was him eating a dinner of of carbonara tonight on a sheet of cardboard.

“Can we really accept this?” they added.

The photo has since gone viral reaching over 250,000 people, the group said. The picture has caused outrage amongst hundreds of social media users – with one saying “things need to change”.

“My God, this is just devastating […] My heart is broken looking at this picture. We need to take a stand as a country, things need to change,” one said.

“I never imagined seeing an image such as this in Dublin. I won’t forget it,” another added.

Dublin City Councillor Anthony Flynn told The Irish Sun said it is “unacceptable” for anyone to be forced to eat from a footpath and said it is an “indictment” on the Government.


He said: “The image is quite distressing to say the least.

Ireland currently has over 750,000 people who are living in direct food poverty. More and more families with children who are accommodated in hotels and b&bs are forced to use soup kitchens because of a lack of cooking facilities.

“It is completely unacceptable for a child or any person to be forced to eat from a footpath. The boom is only back in the city for a certain percentage – it is clearly not back for our most vulnerable.

“This is an indictment on Government and should never be happening. I would call on the Minister for Housing and Social Protection to ensure that facilities paid for under Section 10 funding have minimum requirements of cooking facilities.”

In a further post, The Homeless Street Cafe said their priority is to support the homeless and the “children among them that ‘Sam’ represents.”

“Thank you so much everyone for your overwhelming response and for not just accepting that this is OK.”

Fred:  We need a Government, not a Bunch of Clowns.  The people voted for Change, Leo is washed up, and looks Bored, the other Clown Martin, is in the Dail over 3 decades, and still Bluffs like a Second car Salesman. In the meantime, Martin has problems from within FF and if he thinks Dara Calleary, the former junior bank teller will negotiate a new Government, then Walter Mitty will solve the Nuclear War Race. People need Stability in the Face of Homelessness, Vulture funds, Garda Corruption, Fake Employment figures, and Semi State Scandals and Money Wasting Junkets. Corruption and Cronyism is Legal in this Pathetic country, the Banana Republic.


Grow house dealer and bitcoin miner was using so much power he almost blew out Ireland’s national grid

CAB swooped on Crumlin trafficker Clifton Collins and froze €52 million worth of bitcoin

What is Bitcoin-


A grow house dealer – who has forfeited the largest ever haul of dirty money to the Criminal Assets Bureau – was using so much power he almost blew out the national grid.

CAB swooped on Crumlin, Dublin trafficker Clifton Collins after probing a massive surge in energy use.

On Monday the bureau was granted permission to freeze €52 million worth of the digital currency bitcoin belonging to Collins.

The asset was seized from the 49-year-old after gardai discovered he was behind a highly sophisticated cannabis farm.

But we can reveal they began probing the Dubliner after noticing an energy surge linked to his “mining” of online money.

Detectives discovered Collins had amassed 6,000 units of digital bitcoin, worth a staggering €52 million.

The online money exists in digital wallets, backed up by a secure global database which tracks ownership.

The ”mining” of cryptocurrency online requires massive amounts of energy.

The complex algorithms and computer power used to generate one unit of the virtual currency could power 30 homes for a day.

Globally, bitcoin mining uses as much energy every year as a country the size of Ireland.

CAB seized the cryptocurrency haul after swooping on Collins as he drove a jeep across the Wicklow mountains in February 2017.

They discovered cannabis worth €2,000 in the vehicle.

Follow-up searches revealed a booming cannabis grow house at an address in Corr na Móna in Galway with plants worth almost half a million euro.

The seizure led to a trawl of the dealer’s assets and officers discovered he made a windfall by investing early in the internet currency which has soared in value in recent years.

On Monday the High Court ruled that his digital wealth was the proceeds of crime and should be forfeit to the state. It accepted Collins was involved in the supply and sale of drugs.

The value of the crypto cash will eventually flow back to the taxpayers.

It represents the single biggest asset seized by CAB since it was set up in 1996 in the wake of the murder of journalist Veronica Guerin.

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