This is a short summary simple and straight forward how two arch enemies came together and gained respect for each other. Paisley and McGuinness. Below says it all: it comes from a Tweet.

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Eamonn Mallie

#Sinn Féin .. Each time I asked Ian Paisley why he went into government with @sinnfeinireland He answered “Because the people elected them. That is democracy & they are not going away.” Why are @LeoVaradkar & @MichealMartinTD  struggling to accept what Ian Paisley realised then?

Fred concludes I say to Varadkar and his side-kick in the Cosy Deal Martin, accept the Democratic of the Irish people who have come out in their thousands to vote for Sinn Fein and break the old cartel of Fianna Fail and Fine Gael.  When you see the likes of Ian Paisley above using the words in the above, Acceptance that Sinn Fein have arrived through the Democratic Process and they are not going away.  Ian Paisley was right then and the results of this Election endorse same.  For little levity I highly recommend this film The Journey.

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