While the three main Parties bitch and back bite as to who will form a Government, the Vulture Funds, Banks, and Dodgy Landlords (often politicians or in the legal profession), are still at their Bullying causing evictions. Elderly people who have lived for decades in rental sector are the targets. Some in the Legal Profession and shamelessly those who often have friends who sit on the Residential Tenancy Board are wreaking havoc in the lives of elderly people who face eviction. Cronyism at its Height, people need to break this Cosy Cartel as a matter of National Urgency?

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Meeting Maura at the age of 80, was a deeply sad experience for me, yet she is in good health, and the brain is razor sharp. Maura was born in the flat she lives in, 80 years ago. Now they want her out, they want to evict her from her home.  This surely cannot happen, but sadly Maura is Vulnerable and Compassion is thin on the ground. We need to help people like this woman.  Where can she go at her age? Maura like her parents before her never missed a weeks rent, and still holds copies of the old Rent books people used years ago. Imagine to defend her position to remain in her home she has been forced to appear before the Residential Tenancies Board: https://onestopshop.rtb.ie/?gclid=CjwKCAiAnfjyBRBxEiwA-EECLMQa24ZUicxwxoaEjPaMpcBX3mXsxLp2CLUMQ-Gr6DQUCBh8-vAe2hoC2-4QAvD_BwE To make matters so much worse is that the said Residential Tenancies Board is yet another bureaucratic tootless mediation body that makes little contribution to prevent the hardship, especially upon our elderly, who have lived their lives as tenants, in houses owned by landlords.  What shocked me most is that Maura’s engagement with the tribunal led her up the garden path of solution but the truth is that it is a totally time wasting, costly experience, for her.  To make matters worse is the evidence of Cronyism between the Landlord Solicitor and people who sit on these Tenancy Boards.  These toothless agencies should be Dismantled as a matter of National Priority.  This case is going to make Headlines down the track.  We need to Stand up as People who care for the Vulnerable, and stop this happening.

Some time ago, a elderly gentleman was standing before 3 adjudicators and naturally the poor man was nervous.  The legal head he hired was there to play his case, and reassure him things would be sorted out. What happened next was beyond Logic or Common Decency.  The two female solicitors went into a conversation with the mans legal Represenative, and the Landlord Solicitor and asked him how he was and if had he been playing any golf lately?  Can u imagine how the man who was about to lose his home felt?  This is Fact, Ireland and inner circles make it impossible for no cronyism to exist. Also people fail to realise that these adjudicators are not Judges, but in their tiny Arrogant heads they believe they are.  The Residential Tenancy Board is where people are directed when they are facing eviction but the truth is recommendations are made and these do not have the impetus of legal courts so basically it is a process of extending the the bureaucrat maize of eviction until all else fails and the person is forced to go to court.   Changes are urgently needed, Vulnerable people deserve more, Fred

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