Sadly Colm Kenna has become a very bitter Anti-Sinn Fein Irish Times Journalist. Why now Colm? Timing is so obvious, it is Pathetic? The people Voted. You never mentioned FF and the years of Lord Haughey, and the AIB and Garrett. Why not? Why are you Scared of Change?

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Fred has a response for Colm Keena’s article yesterday in the British Tory Times – Legal Affairs.  Colm, I read your article and it is the old CD played over and over again.  Sinn Fein and its members take the national wage salary of around £35,000 a year and the rest goes back to the party funding.  Well we all cannot be like the FG TD from Cork that spent 2 hours in the Dail over 3.5 years and the remainder in Brussels in five star hotels, not forgetting his free ride in the squad car along with his wife, to Dublin airport and for all his alleged fraudulent behaviour he is rewarded by Leo the Lioness a top job in Brussels.  Can you imagine if a Sinn Fein TD behaved like this?  You would be so excited Colm that the cheeks of your arse would blow off. 

Colm.  I will try and have an equal balance of a conversation with you:  The Irish Times, the Sunday Times, the Mail (the Brits), the Herald are all in dire trouble.  Why?  Loss of sales.  Probably it is that People realise that you are all part of The Establishment – o yes, the main media.  Lucky now we have social media for factual news and also to have the right to face you on a one to one and ask you some hard questions. 

Was there any Sinn Fein TD involved in the Tribunals that cost this country tens of millions and that made the cohorts of the two main parties millionaires?  No is the answer Colm.  Another question Colm:  Was there any TD in Sinn Fein responsibile for the big Crash while Bertie sat in his Bertie Tent in Galway, like Sitting Bull?  No Colm.  The Crash destroyed a country: our young people in their thousands left our shores in 2009/2010 and the Cosy Friends of the two main parties – the Developers fled the Island, like the Flight of the Earls and opted to go bankrupt abroad and now are back again building as if nothing ever happened.  Yet the same gobshites owe the people of Ireland between them at least £150 billion when you include the national debt (see national debt clock).  Again Colm:  Can you blame Mary Lou McDonald or Pearse Doherty for the Crash and the Corruption and the Cronyism?  No you cannot. 

Colm please do not end up as bitter as DUP’s moral adviser Eoghan Harris.  Try and get a sense of balance and fair play in your subsconscious.  I know the Irish Times have set their sights on the standard of Boris Johnson who allegedly has more children out of wedlock than the wandering cuckoo but they have standards in low places just like the Times and its wealthy cronies in Dublin 4 and Dublin 2.  Have you ever asked yourself Colm why the Irish Times does not sell well in Finglas, Darndale and Coolock?  Now before you answer, please edit your brain.  Think about it overnight.  Be wary of wet dreams and in the morning when you wake up I can assure you I can see you at the next Election wearing the Easter Lily. 

Take a Break from attacking a Democratic Party and have a look at the moment at the BuzzerGate scandal; the SwingGate scandal, the Female FG TD wearing no knickers in the Dail and phoning Africa ie is before she was caught and that same person was awarded a place in the Seanad for being a fraudster and a chancer.  Was this Sinn Fein?  No Colm – it was not. 

Now I will conclude – you mentioned that Sinn Fein wanted a United Ireland?  Yes, every Irish citizen would love to see the Island United.  You even attacked Pearse and the Proclamation – the only person you left out was Lady Lavery’s lover … Michael Collins who during a hot session, signed the wrong Treaty.  Meantime Kitty Kiernan was knitting socks at home in Granard waiting to hear from the Big Fella.  In the meantime I suggest Colm that you drink plenty of wine, keep those lips wet, because you cannot blame coronavirus/COVID 19 on Sinn Fein.  To be continued.  Fred


Detente is what is needed urgently and it is for FF FG and Sinn Fein as those with the most votes from the people of Ireland to rise above the despair that exists now but is nothing to what it will be if the coronavirus / COVID 19 follows the trend outlined by Bill Gates if it suddenly becomes a Pandemic.  The following are just reminders as to who is vulnerable in Ireland presently and yet we sink in an abyss of no decisions to form a Government.



Colm we cannot blame Sinn Fein for this.  It is not a Cosy Deal part II that is needed.  Just check out this link that is if you can stomach this reality that results from the Cosy Deal in power.

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