The People of Ireland, from Rural to the Cities, have shown the Irish have a great Sense of Community, Spirit, and help each other, buying the Elderly and the Sick their Groceries and Collecting their Meds. Sadly D4 and the Elite Shitsters have their Gates Locked, and just show Contempt. Homeless people sleeping in Herbert Park, and on Waterloo Lane, and Raglan Lane, have told me, they have being Approached Aggresssively and told Move on or we will call the Gardai. That is the Type of Culchie, West Brit that live/Rent in D4. Sickening to say the least, let’s hope this is the end to their Cocaine Parties for now anyway. Let there be Justice now.

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Homeless woman dies in Dublin city …

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This morning as I walked with my partner to get some air and try and break that awful feeling of Cabin Fever, we went down Waterloo Lane.  I stopped where a homeless man was sleeping and I gave him a list of hostels he could go to for a hot meal today.  He informed me that he goes to Brother Kevin and gets good food daily.  Then came what I describe as beyond the word deplorable and I begged him to give me the name/address of the evil bastard that literally lives on the lane.  What I want to say is – this Bastard was walking home the other night well drunk at 1 am approximately and he stopped and literally pissed on the homeless, vulnerable human being.  I pleaded with him but naturally he was afraid that the Gardai would take the side of the drunken yob who acted in such a vile and disgusting way.  It is only in the last half hour that I now believe I know who this individual is and he is married to a woman in the medical arena.  I will say no more.  The homeless man has moved on since and will go somewhere safer than D4.  It is hard to imagine but believe me there are people in this area who think they are above, not just the law, but above vulnerable human beings.  It is a pity there were no witnesses otherwise I can assure you I would have this man’s name all over the blog.  Dublin 4 is a hostile area and there is a certain type of mindset in and around 250 of them who literally believe they piss Malt Whiskey and Walk on Water.  I say to these baboons today.  No you don’t because right now you are all living in Fear of the Unknown and you may not have a job in the coming weeks whereas the Homeless man has nothing to lose but more importantly he has more compassion than the Clowns and Idiots behind the locked gates.  As my partner always tells me “A NATION IS JUDGED BY HOW IT TREATS ITS MOST VULNERABLE”.  Fred

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  1. Personally, I hope these scum who lock their gates and clear the parks of homeless people, dumping their tents, and spitting their rage against all of those who are poor and homeless – I hope all of these D4 elites who have nothing but contempt for those who are not as corrupt as they are (for it is ONLY through corruption that they have gained their wealth) – I hope they are wiped out by Covid19. The story you have recounted is absolutely disgusting! That vile pig who pissed on a human being should be exposed – I really believe you should expose this animal. You can do so without exposing the person who suffered personal injury. This is a legal case, and he should be prosecuted. If I had been told of this story I would not hesitate to report the bastard to the police, AND to the legal services who are SUPPOSED TO HELP (even though some of them are as corrupt as any of the pigs who swill in the trough of Leinster House)! Let’s hope these D4 lowlife who abuse the vulnerable get a dose of the suffering they have imposed upon the poor people of Ireland. They have it coming!


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