Where is Mary Lou McDonald, she must come out in force now. SF won this Election, the people want her to show Leadership. FG and FF are not what the Irish People Voted for. Sadly my sources inform me Martin and Varadkar have a Deal done, the Circus begins. Fred.

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Sinn Fein’s Mary Lou McDonald to sit out Dail again as she’s ‘still under the weather’Sinn Fein must come out fighting for the people who voted them in urgently.

SINN Fein leader Mary Lou McDonald has said she won’t be in the Dail tomorrow as she’s “still under the weather”.

The Dublin Central TD took to social media and said she would be staying home.

 Sinn Fein leader Mary Lou McDonald

Sinn Fein leader Mary Lou McDonaldCredit: Getty Images

She wrote on Twitter: “Still under the weather so I’m staying home and taking all necessary precautions.

“Won’t be at Dail sitting tomorrow but it’s in the capable hands of team Sinn Féin.”

Last Thursday, Mary Lou said she contacted her GP after waking up with a “head cold”.

She tweeted saying: “Woke up this morning with a head cold. Talking to my GP later.

“For now lying low, staying home. Over to @PearseDoherty to lead the charge at todays Dail sitting. Stay safe everyone.”


Meanwhile, Leo Varadkar has said Fine Gael and Fianna Fail are close to reaching a programme for government and will start approaching smaller parties.

The two negotiating teams are meeting again on Wednesday to discuss policies for a possible programme for government.

Progress on forming a government has been slow since the inconclusive result of the general election on February 8.

Speaking in Dublin on Wednesday, the Taoiseach said: “There are discussions under way with Fianna Fail at the moment and we hope that either this week or next week to agree a joint document with them and that would allow us to approach third parties like the Greens, Social Democrats and Labour.

“We are a few weeks away and people are working on it but I also think people understand that the number one priority for all of us at the minute is dealing with Covid-19.

Varadkar said the current caretaker government has no requirement to pass any legislation.

“However that is an issue that could arise in the coming weeks.”

“When the election happened a few months ago, it was my party’s view that we should enter opposition.

“We stepped back and allowed other parties to try and form a government.

“They were not successful and as a result of that we have now stepped in to try and work with other parties to form a government.”


Asked if he thinks he will still be Taoiseach next month, he said: “Obviously that is something that is up for discussion with Fianna Fail but they are a party who have slightly more seats than us and we recognise that.

“I don’t think anyone’s focus is on what jobs they are going to hold in a week’s time or a month’s time.

“My focus is on dealing with this public health emergency and minimising the economic damage and ensuring our society and economy can bounce back.”

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